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Fridays are for Fun

I feel like I was just writing my blog post last Friday, but once again, another week has come and gone.

Enjoyed a pre-thanksgiving feast last night with great friends. The only thing missing was green bean casserole. Yes, I just said that. No judging.

Loved waking up to the sound of rain on Tuesday. It made me nostalgic for Portland. Although having the sun shine two days later, is much better than waiting until next May.

Bought Parker a sweater. He loves fashion.

Took our family photos on Sunday, thanks to the help of sweet friends. Parker rocked his new sweater.

Went to Starbucks this week. Indulged in their buy one get one holiday drinks. It was a great idea.

Spent quality time with friends and laughed a lot. There's nothing better.

Finished editing the last of this year's wedding season. Can't believe we made it. 2014 here we come.

And yes, we watched our first Hallmark Christmas movie of the season... Not sure that this qualifies us as cool anymore, but I sure loved it.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'd suggest a sappy Hallmark Movie to put you in the Holiday spirit ;) Much Love Friends, K and K and P

And because he's the cutest...

Fridays are for fun

Oh Friday. I am so glad you are here. It's nice to look back on the week and find some of the little things that made up our crazy life:

Got excited about a free rental from Red Box. Yes people, it's the little things...

Went on a run two mornings in a row and saw the sun rise each time. Puts life in perspective.

Trying to be more grateful. Kenny says I see the glass half empty -- I beg to differ, that I am simply a realist.

Tried to keep the texts to my sister minimal this week. That didn't work.  Dear sister, please move back to Chico.

Visited with a great friend. We laughed and cried. It was the best.

Kenny got a haircut. He's seriously handsome.

Parker is now walking, with the help of a box that he pushes everywhere around the house. He is such an athlete ;)

Decided that a trip to Williams and Sonoma must happen soon. I sure hope they don't run out of stuffing...  It's the best.

Went to Target twice this week.

Only bought gummy bears once.

And as life has been swirling around us, we have felt both deep sadness and great hope. At the end of the day we have to believe that this is not it. We live for something bigger and more beautiful than our own story. "Don't shine so that others can see you, shine so that through you, others can see Him." CS Lewis

fridays are for fun

Well here we are, it's already Friday, which means it's time for us to share some of the highlights from our week:

We are finding that most of our days begin long before the sun comes up. This is only because Parker loves the  five o clock hour. If you know anything about me, you know that I am not a morning person. I didn't even know it was possible to function at this time of day ;)

Enjoyed seeing quite a few friends this week. With life being so crazy for us, I feel like all of our visits were long overdue. Feeling thankful.

I think it's safe to say, we are loving every moment of these gorgeous fall evenings here in Chico.

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, we found the biggest spider EVER last night . I would show you a picture, but I can't even stand to look at it. This is scary stuff, people.

It was a big week for Parker:  He started eating cereal and crawling. Goodbye old life. The adventures have officially begun :)

Shot a lovely family session last night. Which reminds me, we are booking fall portrait sessions -- please email us for details.

Went to the dentist this week and had no cavities. Bring on the candy corn... (In case my dentist  is reading this, don't worry, I always limit my intake to one bag per week ;) )

Dreaming about our next trip to Cannon Beach. We just got home last Thursday, and already miss our favorite place in the world.

And in case you missed, we shared some big announcements on the blog this week. (see posts below) #kstonenews

Well, have a great weekend friends! We might get really crazy and carve a pumpkin :) K and K and P

This picture courtesy of our iPhone  

Fridays are for Fun

Well another week has come and gone, and my blogging is definitely lacking. I am so sorry for any of you who follow this blog. Wedding season and a very full life, has made for an emptier blog.

I thought I would write a quick Friday post today...

*Indulged in a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on Sunday evening. Yes, we were that tired and that hungry. *Parker had a bout with a little bug last week -- not good times. Poor little man. Don't worry though, he has made a full, happy recovery. *Watched a movie from start to finish last weekend. First time since April. Parker slept like a baby through the whole thing ;) *They tell me that the Treat Receipt is back at Starbucks. I haven't been able to take them up on this offer yet. Maybe today... *Kenny taught at church on Sunday. He is amazing. Seriously. If you have time, you can hear his sermon here. *Enjoyed a walk on one of the cooler evenings this week. I think it was one of my more favorite moments of the summer. *Working up the nerve to watch my sister drive away on Tuesday. They will be moving back to Washington. Not sure what I will do without her here. *Been editing like crazy. Staring at a computer for hours at a time is not for the faint at heart. I promise. I have to get up and run laps around my office with Parker, in order to stay productive. *Headed to Napa for a wedding on Saturday. *Headed to LA for an E Session on Sunday. *It's going to be an incredible weekend.

We sure hope you are blessed. Have a great weekend friends. Much Love, K and K and P

Fridays are for Fun

Well, since it is already Friday again, and I am waist deep in editing, I thought I would leave you all with another classic photo that I discovered while culling last weekend's wedding:Oh dear, I  just love him so much.

Although, it's also further proof that neither of us should be on the dance floor. As if my dance moves weren't bad enough, Kenny took it to a whole new level: Doing the "fish reel" with a wedding guest, in the middle of the reception. Wow, what can I say? We think we are great dancers.

Reality check number two: We must stay off the dance floor OR seriously consider some dance lessons. This is getting out of control.

Well happy Friday to everyone. Have some fun for us because we will be at home, practicing our dance moves, all weekend ;) And one can only hope that Parker has better rhythm than us. Cheers! K and K and P

Fridays are for Fun

It's funny how quickly minutes turn into hours. It seems like every day is so full, and just like that, another week has come and gone.

*Currently writing this post very early in the morning. Apparently Parker loves the early mornings too much to sleep. *Went to Toys R Us for the first time since I was a child. I think the store may have overwhelmed me both as a child and an adult :) *We all went for a run at sunset last night with. It's my new favorite thing. *Went to dinner with the greatest friends on Tuesday. Like always, we were the last ones out of the restaurant. *Trying not to be jealous of my sister who is currently basking in the Hawaiian sunshine. Next time, I must go with her. *Went to Kenny's basketball game on Wednesday night to cheer him on. Parker fell asleep. *Love that Kenny still plays basketball because he's seriously a stud. Probably should have played for the NBA :) *Working to finish Parker's little bedroom which turned out to be inspired by some burlap curtains. *Continually amazed by all of Parker's expressions and movement. His laugh might be the cutest thing ever. *Finished a book for the first time since Parker was born. I almost forgot how much I love a good book. *And hoping to take the rest of today off to spend some much needed quality time with my boys. I think we will eat scones and drink coffee.

Have a great weekend. We are off to shoot another wedding tomorrow and then I can't wait to celebrate Kenny's first Father's Day on Sunday. Gosh, we are so blessed. Much Love Friends, K and K





Fridays are for Fun

Oh my, I think I blinked and it was Friday again. What a fast week:

*Definitely purchased a grande iced coffee for one dollar today. Thank you Starbucks email offer. *Discovered that Parker likes to get up with the sun each morning. If you know anything about me, this is quite challenging. *Even though my eyes are barely open at that time of the morning, I have been able to notice the gorgeous sunrises. *Went for a run in nearly one hundred degree weather. Two mistakes happened here: a run, and a run in 95 degree weather. *Contrary to what I may say, I actually do enjoy excercise. Nothing like some endorphins to keep me moving. *Sat next to my boys on the couch, while culling photos. Even though I was still working, my heart was full. *Went to the store with my sister. I just love her. so much. *May or may not have read the spoiler for this season's bachelorette. *Learning that laundry and dishes will always be on my to do list. So will cleaning the bathroom. *And Every day, I am learning that joy is a choice. God has blessed us with so much. I really want to be so grateful.

Have a great weekend friends! We will be photographing a wedding tomorrow, and the forecast is 113. I hope we don't melt :) Lots of Love, K and K and P :)

And because we can't get enough of this sweet smile...

Fridays are for Fun

Well it's true, I haven't written a Friday blog post since before Parker was born, which was almost two months ago. I can't believe it... Our life is just one big adventure:

*Shot a gorgeous wedding in Grass Valley on Sunday. Realized how much I love the mountains, cooler weather and beautiful weddings. It was the perfect combination. *Shot the wedding with our sweet friend Emily -- blessed to have such great talent alongside me. *Trying to limit my trips to Target. Turns out, I have only gone twice this week, which is pretty much a record since Parker was born. *Called in my sister for back up today. With the start of wedding season, I either need to clone myself or have a bit of extra help. *Ate an entire package of gummy bears in one day. Wish I could blame that one on Parker's appetite. *Went on two runs through the park with my boys this week. To say I am out of shape, might be an understatement. I'm sure the gummy bears didn't help :) *Decided I don't like cereal as much as I used to. *Decided I still like Starbucks just as much as I used to. *Found out Parker weighs 11.5 pounds. Oh my. *Also discovered that Parker loves music just as much as me. Dance parties in my office all day long. *And at the end of very busy days, Kenny and I can't help, but see God working in our lives -- There is always, always so much to be thankful for.

We are prepping for another beautiful wedding this weekend. So blessed to celebrate marriage with other couples. It's such a gift!



Fridays are for Fun

This week has been a bit crazy - and that may be an understatement.

So on that note, rather than tell you all about my week; like the fact that I ate Chipotle last night at 9:30 or that Kenny picked all the weeds in our yard, I leave you with this very disturbing photo:

Apparently, at one time in my life, I thought I had good dance moves. This photo has crushed my dreams. Reality check: I should not be out on the dance floor.

And to put your mind at ease, from now on, most of our dance skills will be left at home.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend friends! K and K

And yes, that is a gummy bear in my hand. I try not to leave home without them ;)


Fridays are for Fun

We knew this week would fly, and that was definitely the truth:

*Spent our Friday night running a new trail and washing our cars. We are such party animals...

*Had our first wedding of the season celebrating this couple. Gosh, we love our job.

*Filled out my March Madness Bracket. I fully expect to beat Kenny this year.

*Speaking of March Madness, Go Zags! Cheers to our hometown!

*Kenny spoke at church on Sunday -- He is amazing. Love him so much.

*Sold a lens this week. Bought a new one.

*Bought some flowers at Trader Joes for a friend who had surgery. When we told the man checking us out what they were for, he threw in two more bunches on the house. I already loved Trader Joes, now I do even more.

*Oh, and bought this frozen pizza from Trader Joes on Sunday. Yes, we were that hungry. And yes, it was amazing.

*Drove the I-5 north for eleven hours yesterday and only stopped at Starbucks twice.  We love roadtrips.

And this weekend, we are photographing my cousins wedding in Seattle! We are super excited and blessed to be with our families and capture an incredible wedding day. We just saw the venue last night and it is going to be one gorgeous celebration.

Happy Friday. Have a really blessed weekend! K and K


Fridays are for Fun

 Well here we are friends: Friday once again. Looking back, the week has been just great:

*Went to Costco and only ate one sample. I'd say that deserves a victory lap.

*Not to talk about the weather, but it was amazing this week.

*Spoiled on Saturday night by some good friends. They took us to dinner, we talked for hours, and left so encouraged. Their generosity and kindness inspires us.

*The church office was closed this week because of some construction, which meant Kenny was home working. Best.Week.Ever!

*Loved working with this sweet couple last weekend.

*Captured Nicole on Sunday at her family's ranch. Anytime I am with her family, it just feels like home. (Although don't get the idea that I'm a country girl: The only time I've ever rode horseback was on a girl scout trip in third grade)

*Yes, I was a girl scout for a year in elementary school; mostly because I love their cookies.

*Watched the sunset multiple times this week. Northern California is a great place to be right now.

*On the other hand, discovered many spiders in or around my house this week. That's not good. Not good at all. I was about to move back to Portland, but then Kenny called pest control.

*And bought some new books last weekend. I admit it, I'm a reader. It is one of my favorite pastimes.

Well, wedding season officially starts tomorrow: And we couldn't be more excited! Have a great weekend everyone!

Lots of Love, K and K

Fridays are For Fun

And just like that, it is March and another week has come and gone. The last seven days held a lot of ups and downs and everything in between:

*Went for a run through the park with Kenny and Carsten on Saturday. It just so happened to be at the same time as the Bidwell Classic  (half marathon). And yes, someone definitely took our photo. So in case you ever see that photo somewhere, please know it is not true. Only  in our dreams would we ever run 13 miles :)

*Worked with this sweet couple last weekend. And yes, Jason is nearly two feet taller than me: Good thing I have a step stool. And good thing I don't have to guard him on the basketball court.

*Bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Sunday and still have some left today, which is pretty much a miracle in this house.

*Listened to this sermon online. Was convicted and inspired.

*Spent Wednesday evening having dinner with a family from our church. Gosh, people have amazing stories and big hearts. So thankful to know them.

*Still trying to convince Kenny to watch the Finale of The Bachelor with me this week. My sister will be out of town, and I certainly cannot watch it by myself. Kenny is not convinced...

*And, if we don't get news on the adoption soon, I am considering auditioning for The Amazing Race and/or going to Kauai.

*Been pretty emotional the past two weeks. I had no idea how hard this adoption journey was going to be for us. It has made me much more aware of other people's struggles and our desperate need for purpose beyond ourselves. Hoping to share more about this journey soon.

Enjoy your weekend friends. Thanks for following along on our crazy, but blessed life. Much Love, K and K

*And, in the past week I have cried way too many times on Kenny's shoulder and said things I didn't mean. I'm beyond thankful for his grace, love and patience that he shows me. Kenny, you are so amazing.


Fridays are for Fun

I know I say this every week, but Friday came so fast this week. I can't even believe it. Our week has been very full and we feel blessed:

Went to a movie for the first time in three years. I was a little worried about what Tinsel Town may have to offer, but the theater totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you Tinsel Town :)

Made a fresh asian salad this week. It was another one of those things that exceeded my expectations. One can only hope I have turned a corner in my cooking skills.

Went for a long hike with Kenny on Sunday. Signs of spring are everywhere and I love it.

Ate at Chick Fil A last weekend. So delicious. Anyone else agree?

Launched a fresh website this week after many, many drafts and revisions. We decided to do it all on our own this year, making this a huge project. Yay for finishing projects.

Skyped with lots of people during our evenings; clients and family and friends. Technology is pretty amazing.

Was given the freshest coffee beans from a client this week and the aroma has been filling our house for days. There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee. Remember the days when Starbucks used to smell this way?

Attended our last Chico State home game of the season. So fun. All we can say is, bring on March Madness. My bracket will have to beat Kenny's this year ;)

Well friends, hope you have a great weekend. Make a new memory. Do something adventurous. Enjoy the small moments. Much Love, K and K

Fridays are for Fun

Dear Friday, you came and went so fast last week, that I did not even write a blog post. I guess that's what happens when my Mom comes to town. And this week, was no different, so fast, and really great:

*My Mom was in town for an entire week. So good to spend quality time with her -- when you live two states away, time together is really so special.

*Ate way too many treats and drank too much Starbucks (actually, that could never happen) :)

*Was inspired to make a new Pesto Recipe this week -- proving once again, that my cooking skills need some serious attention.

*Can't believe how expensive gas rates are. What is going on people? Looks like I may need a magic carpet ;)

*With the seventy degree weather last weekend, we took full advantage and spent most of our time outdoors. Chico, you may not be as beautiful as Portland, but your weather is amazing.

*Enjoyed working with this couple last Saturday in the seventy degree weather. We work with such genuine, amazing people. Feeling blessed.

*My Mom, sister and I browsed Pottery Barn Kids online -- can't wait to spoil our little baby someday.

*And with the end of The Bachelor coming up, one can only hope that reality tv doesn't let me down once again. Sadly, I think it will.

Well that is it friends. I know there were so many more highlights, but I am off to spend some time with my hubby. He has the day off today and you better believe I don't want to miss out on that.  Gosh, we are blessed.

Have a great weekend Friends! K and K

Fridays are for Fun

Friday, you continue to be one of my favorite days of the week. So thankful you are here because well, it's been a wild week:

*Sadly, Kenny caught something awful on Sunday:  He spent the first half of the week at home, on the couch. I didn't know Mission Impossible had a two, three and four. Now I do :)

*This also meant I spent most of the week doing laundry and disinfecting my house. My OCD tends to come out around flu season :)

*Opened the windows wide this week and loved the light and fresh air that poured into the house.

*Tried my hardest to cheer for the Niners this weekend. I still think the Seahawks should have been there...

*Obviously we spent most of our evenings at home, which meant cribbage and jeopardy. We are so cool ;)

*Ate a cake pop this week. Many thanks to our client who delivered this delicious treat. Like I say, we work with the nicest people in the world.

*Went to Tin Roof with three of my favorite people yesterday morning. The combination of scones and friends made for such a good morning.

*And contrary to what you may think, I actually really enjoy healthy food. Most of the time.

*Tried my hardest not to break out in song while at the gym. This is hard for me. When the good songs start playing on my headphones, I get all pumped up and want to sing along.

*Received a package in the mail for Baby Stone. We have the best family ever. Hands down, the best.

*Baby Stone was also affectionately referred to as "Pebble" by one of our friends. Pretty sure that's going to stick. Thank you Katy!

Well, Happy Friday. What a great day -- what a great week; especially now that we are back up and running at the Stone house. We keep praying for the birthmom that God is going to bring into our lives and the beautiful miracle that will come from that. Please pray with us.

Much love friends! K and K

And as always, a little snapshot of our week:

Fridays are for Fun

Well, here we are, Friday again, and the first day of February. I love Fridays -- and always have. Growing up, it meant Full House, Family Matters and no school :) Today it just means everyone seems to be happier. And like every Friday, here is my rundown of the week:

*Feeling a bit normal with most Saturdays off of work lately. We love wedding season, but this is a good season too. We all need rest.

*Kenny officially finished his "weight loss challenge" which means two things: 1. He is now very skinny and 2. I now have someone else to blame when the gummy bears disappear.

*Not to talk about the weather, but it has been amazing. I mean, I can almost envision myself with a tan. Almost.

*Attended the Chico State Basketball games with friends last weekend. It made us all feel like we were in college again.

*And speaking of age, was mistaken for a high school student this week. Really? I mean, I know I look young, but there's a big difference between 16 and 30 :)

*Hiked/went for a run in upper Bidwell Park this week. It was beautiful and made us feel all "outdoorsy."

*Still recovering from the Seahawks loss a few weeks ago. However, since we live in Nor Cal, we are getting excited for the Superbowl. Go Seahawks! Just kidding friends, go Niners!

*Attended a four and a half hour CPR/First Aid class on Tuesday. Passed with flying colors.

*Made homemade granola on Sunday while watching a cooking show. Made me feel really domestic.

*Learning to accept the fact that days feel like weeks and weeks like months when you are waiting for news on the adoption.

*And on that same note, not wanting to miss out on the moments that Kenny and I have as "just us".

Feeling thankful. Have a great weekend everyone. We are looking forward to another engagement session this weekend and my brother in law's amazing superbowl food on Sunday!

Cheers! K and K


Fridays are for Fun

Well, it is that time of year: Where all of my work tends to be behind the scenes, organizing and creating and preparing for this next wedding season. So while I may seem quiet on the blog front, there is a lot going on in our lives:

*Prepping for tax season which is a very big project with a lot of little details. Lucky for me, I actually like accounting.

*Organized my office closet -- been putting this off for way too long. I think I surprised Kenny more than anyone. Out of the two of us, he is way more organized.

*Visited with friends at the T-Bar on Wednesday evening. Friends plus honeytea lattes, equals great night!

*As you might know from a facebook post, I did a strength training workout this week -- which only proved just how weak I really am. Pushups are not my friend.

*Cried, really big tears, at the conclusion of Prison Break this week. Just trust me when I tell you to never start watching this show. Saddest ending ever.

*Avoided the cereal aisle this week while grocery shopping. This was definitely a first, and probably a last as well.

*Went on a date with Kenny in 65 degree weather. Best day ever!

*Energized by really great conversations this week. At the end of the day, I am convinced that God and people are the only things that really matter in this world.

*Amazed by my hubby. He works so hard and never complains. I'm so thankful for him. He's the best. ever.

Happy Friday everyone! And as for today, I am officially taking a day off. Heading to Roseville with one of my favorite people. And yes, I will probably spend way too much time in Anthropologie.

Fridays are for Fun

Well here we are, January 18th, and I am finally getting back to some Fridays are for Fun. The past couple weeks have been full of some great things:

*Stayed in my pajamas all day on Monday. Well, almost all day. Rest is good. For the soul.

*Kenny is currently in a weight loss contest with nine other people. Which means, when the bag of gummy bears is gone in one day, it truly is my fault. I'd like to think he ate a few of them...

*Opened up my curtains wide this week, to lots of sunshine. It does wonders for the soul.

*Went for a run through the park with Kenny. Really enjoyed it.

*Visited with a good friend. Laughed together and cried together. This is the best.

*Met some really great couples in the last few weeks. Wedding consults are in full swing and we just feel so blessed to hear some beautiful stories.

*Hung out with little Carsten, he's too cute for his own good :)

*And after growing my bangs out for over eight months, I caved. Yes, I cut my bangs. Turns out, this was an ok decision.

Enjoy your weekend friends! We are looking forward to a fun engagement session tomorrow and then some down time later this weekend. Oh yes, to all my Portland friends, if you need some sunshine, please come this way :) Our guest room is waiting for you...

Happy Friday Everyone! K and K

Like I said, he's too cute for his own good...

Fridays are for fun

I was waiting for an appointment yesterday and overheard some conversation that reminded me Christmas was three weeks away. Oh my goodness. Really? How did this happen? How is it already one week into December? Dear 2012, you have officially flown by...And this week flew by:

*Celebrated my sister's birthday last weekend. She is such a brave person and a hero to me in so many ways. She loves God and that just pours out of her and the way she cares for others. So blessed to call her a friend. Cheers to celebrating Marissa!

*In true celebration style, we drank Starbucks, ate chick-fil-a, went to Nordstrom Rack and feasted on cake . Cheers to Birthdays!

*Attended the Chico State Men's Basktball games, twice this week. We love it; takes us back to our college days, when Kenny played. I was a true groupie :)

*Managed to weather the storm last weekend without any power outages or flooding in our house. The only thing lost, was a few hours of sleep.

*Kenny taught at church on Sunday;  three services, and he's amazing. Pretty sure I get more nervous than him. Kenny is truly a leader -- and I am so thankful for him.

*Went to home depot for a curtain rod, came home with a mirror. How does this happen?

*Hung out with good friends this week. Had good conversations. Shared life together. This is the best.

*In an effort to fight off a cold, I am drinking way too much EmergenC.

*Ordered and received our Christmas cards. Now the hard part really begins; addressing them and getting them out. Here's to my goal of having this done in the next three days.

*As you may have already guessed, I am feeling a bit behind in my preparations for Christmas.

*Oh yes, and somehow, Netflix suckered us into watching Prison Break. Why oh why would we ever begin such a thing, and especially right now? Here's to a bad choice, but being too many many episodes in to stop watching.

And even though Christmas has snuck up on us, I am just so excited to celebrate with family and friends. What a beautiful season of hope.

Much Love friends! K and K

And just over a week ago, we managed to go Christmas tree hunting with the entire family.

Fridays are for Fun

In the last two weeks we have done a lot. More than we probably knew was on our plate. And so this poor little blog has been a bit neglected. But I am ok with that. Today, I thought I would write a quick Friday update. I am currently people watching as I wait in line for a mandatory drug test that I have to take. I'm pretending to be totally into this blog, but am getting a little distracted. The things you hear in waiting rooms :)

We took a big trip to Ikea this week. Lesson learned. Don't go to Ikea hungry. When you go into a store like that, you really need to bring a snack. Unless, of course, you like swedish meatballs :)

Came home with a few treasures -- so excited to start getting this home all cozy for the holidays!

And today, Starbucks is offering buy one holiday drink, get one free. I will definitely be partaking in this.

For those of you wondering, my bangs are still now grown out and I am starting to doubt whether this awkward hair stage will ever end.

And I have been working so hard to finish up a ton of editing before Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to have my whole family here. SO much to look forward to. Gosh, I am really blessed.

We are finishing up the 2012 wedding season tomorrow! I can't believe it. It has been a whirlwind with twenty four weddings in five months. We are SO thankful for all of the beautiful stories that we have gotten to capture. What a cool year!!

Have a great weekend friends!

And this is a photo captured yesterday. Love these two. They are beautiful people!