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The view today

So much of me wants to see what lies in front of me. And I don't just mean for today, I want to know what tomorrow and next week will hold, next month and next year.  If I am being really honest, I waste many moments, worrying about tomorrow.

I know I shouldn't live this way. I am called to live in today; the mundane, the exciting, the painful, whatever that might be. I can plan and prepare for tomorrow, but I can't control it. Even when I think that I want to see the entire road right now, I realize it is God's grace, that I can't. So I am learning:

Be fully present today. Live in these moments. Trust God. He is good.

I wish I wouldn't waste my time trying to see the entire path, when what I can see today, is beautiful enough.


fridays are for fun

Well here we are, it's already Friday, which means it's time for us to share some of the highlights from our week:

We are finding that most of our days begin long before the sun comes up. This is only because Parker loves the  five o clock hour. If you know anything about me, you know that I am not a morning person. I didn't even know it was possible to function at this time of day ;)

Enjoyed seeing quite a few friends this week. With life being so crazy for us, I feel like all of our visits were long overdue. Feeling thankful.

I think it's safe to say, we are loving every moment of these gorgeous fall evenings here in Chico.

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, we found the biggest spider EVER last night . I would show you a picture, but I can't even stand to look at it. This is scary stuff, people.

It was a big week for Parker:  He started eating cereal and crawling. Goodbye old life. The adventures have officially begun :)

Shot a lovely family session last night. Which reminds me, we are booking fall portrait sessions -- please email us for details.

Went to the dentist this week and had no cavities. Bring on the candy corn... (In case my dentist  is reading this, don't worry, I always limit my intake to one bag per week ;) )

Dreaming about our next trip to Cannon Beach. We just got home last Thursday, and already miss our favorite place in the world.

And in case you missed, we shared some big announcements on the blog this week. (see posts below) #kstonenews

Well, have a great weekend friends! We might get really crazy and carve a pumpkin :) K and K and P

This picture courtesy of our iPhone  

A new season

Since the day we started, Kenny and I have always photographed weddings together. However, many of you know that for the last eight years, Kenny has also worked full time in ministry. Last month, things changed for us when Kenny knew it was time to step out of his position.

Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort and stability. He calls us to take great risks. He is always asking us to do something bigger than ourselves. And deep down, we know we were made for this.

So here we are today: After months of praying, discerning, and talking to others, Kenny and I begin a new chapter of our life. We will work full time, as photographers. We will plan together, dream together, succeed together and at times fail together. We will spend more time pouring into our clients and creating beautiful photographs. We will spend more time with Parker. We will spend more time doing what we feel called to do. It is exciting and terrifying.

So, as we take this risk, we realize that no matter how hard we work, we are not in control. It's a vulnerable place to be, but the best place to be. Ultimately, we are praying that God takes our dreams and our hard work, and ignites this business to do great things.

Feel free to join us. Like we always say, your support means the world to us, especially in this new season. Much Love Friends, K and K and P

"A ship in the port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." -Grace Hopper

Featured: A Paper Proposal

We are so excited to have Ryan and Ashlee's Engagement Session featured on A Paper Proposal today.  Such a gorgeous couple, with a lot of love. Many thanks to the editors at a Paper Proposal for choosing to publish this session.

Much Love friends and congratulations to Ryan and Ashlee! K and K


And just because we love photos...

Chico Engagement Photographer: Luke and Megan

We are super excited to share this session today.

Luke and Megan adore each other. When we worked with them last Saturday, it was SO obvious that these two are really good friends. We just love that. And we enjoyed every minute that we spent with them. They are genuine people, unafraid to be themselves. They care deeply about others -- and love Jesus.

Thank you so much, Luke and Megan, for letting us be a part of your wedding day and this season of your life. Thank you for encouraging and loving so many people around you. Your joy is contagious and we just know that God is going to use you both to impact this world. Together, you will have so much influence on the people around you. We are blessed to know you.

Much Love, K and K

Don't you just love them?

Megan, you are beautiful...

And then this happened: They took out their Avengers shirts. How cool are they?

And one of the last frames of the night... love this!

Chico Wedding Photographer: Self Portrait...

Kenny took this photo last evening. I know, kind of strange to post a photo of myself. I guess I just hope the photo tells something about who we are. Kenny brings out the best in me. It is a different side of me -- different than who I was before being married. I have changed a lot in seven years. And I am still changing. Every day. Because that's what loves does. I am still outgoing, but quieter. I am still outspoken, but learning to hold my tongue. I am still ambitious, but enjoy down time now, more than ever. I am still impatient, but growing more content. I am still happy, but know that true joy doesn't come from my circumstances. I still move the furniture around in my home all the time, that may never change. I still sing at the top of my lungs, but now I know that the voice lessons in junior high may not have helped. I still make grilled cheese for dinner, but only once a week. I still process life outloud, but have grown to appreciate silence too. I am still a wife, but have gained a best friend.

And one thing that hasn't changed. Love. Yes, love deepens with time. It is richer with each memory. But love remains. And this kind of love, that pours out of a person because they have encountered God, this kind of love changes the world. One person at a time. I am one of them.

More than anything, I hope you will be loved, by God, through people, because I know this will change your life...