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Fridays are for fun

Oh Friday. I am so glad you are here. It's nice to look back on the week and find some of the little things that made up our crazy life:

Got excited about a free rental from Red Box. Yes people, it's the little things...

Went on a run two mornings in a row and saw the sun rise each time. Puts life in perspective.

Trying to be more grateful. Kenny says I see the glass half empty -- I beg to differ, that I am simply a realist.

Tried to keep the texts to my sister minimal this week. That didn't work.  Dear sister, please move back to Chico.

Visited with a great friend. We laughed and cried. It was the best.

Kenny got a haircut. He's seriously handsome.

Parker is now walking, with the help of a box that he pushes everywhere around the house. He is such an athlete ;)

Decided that a trip to Williams and Sonoma must happen soon. I sure hope they don't run out of stuffing...  It's the best.

Went to Target twice this week.

Only bought gummy bears once.

And as life has been swirling around us, we have felt both deep sadness and great hope. At the end of the day we have to believe that this is not it. We live for something bigger and more beautiful than our own story. "Don't shine so that others can see you, shine so that through you, others can see Him." CS Lewis

The view today

So much of me wants to see what lies in front of me. And I don't just mean for today, I want to know what tomorrow and next week will hold, next month and next year.  If I am being really honest, I waste many moments, worrying about tomorrow.

I know I shouldn't live this way. I am called to live in today; the mundane, the exciting, the painful, whatever that might be. I can plan and prepare for tomorrow, but I can't control it. Even when I think that I want to see the entire road right now, I realize it is God's grace, that I can't. So I am learning:

Be fully present today. Live in these moments. Trust God. He is good.

I wish I wouldn't waste my time trying to see the entire path, when what I can see today, is beautiful enough.


love and lavender feature

We are catching up on the last few months, and thought it would be fun to share some of the publications that we love, and places where our couple's have been featured.Love and Lavender is a resource for wedding inspiration all over the world. Ellen, the editor of Love and Lavender, keeps things simple and showcases so many sweet weddings.

And we were thrilled to share Austin and Emily's July wedding with them.  It is an honor to partner with others in this industry and we are so grateful to work with people like Austin and Emily. Your wedding day continues to inspire.

You can see more of their Long Creek Winery Wedding here.

a gale vineyards wedding: Keaton and Ashton

Keaton and AshtonSeptember 21, 2013 Gale Vineyards, California "Love is walking in the rain together" -author unknown Keaton and Ashton are generous, thoughtful and incredibly talented. They are the kind of people who make a stormy wedding day beautiful, simply because of who they are.

Ashton, you are beautiful.

Because of the rain, these two had their first look indoors.


And then we got some beautiful moments of light without a drop of rain...

The reception was held under a tent with stunning details...

the first time ever

The last six months have been full of changes for us. Lots of change.And this week, we are announcing some exciting new things with the business! As for today, for the first time ever, we are offering a gift to our future couples. For the next month, we will be offering 800.00 off of any wedding package, if your wedding falls on a Friday or Sunday. As we move into this new season, we covet the chance to work with many of you and we are always SO grateful for your referrals. Happy Fall friends! So blessed to do what we love! K and K

Tyler and Charlotte: A White Ranch Wedding

Tyler and CharlotteJune 1, 2013 White Ranch, Chico "It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight..." -Vladimir Nabokov Tyler and Charlotte have the kind of joy and love that lights up a room. We are so blessed to know them.

Chico Wedding Photographer: Kevin and Denise Tease...

It was a beautiful and emotional day yesterday as we watched Kevin and Denise tie the knot. They are two wonderful people and that was evident as we watched everyone gather around and celebrate yesterday. Thank you Kevin and Denise. Say hi to the Caribbean for us! Much Love, K and K

Fridays are for Fun

Oh wow --- how is it already Friday? What happened to this week? Good thing I write these posts, they help me remember some of the great things that happen each week: *Welcomed a new nephew into the family. Callahan Norman Jones (After Grandpa Norman) was born on Wednesday to my sweet brother and sister in law. He is so amazing. And now I can most definitely say that both my siblings have the cutest kids ever. Really, I am not sure our children stand a chance...

*Speaking of nephews, went to Carsten's first Birthday party on Saturday. Where did the time go? I really cannot believe he will be one on Monday. Carsten loved his party -- I loved his party, and we all loved my sister's homemade cupcakes.

*Stayed up way too late making a list of things to do this month. This month might be over the top crazy. But hey, that's how we roll.

*And in case we didn't quite have enough on our plate, we will also be moving. Yep, got the keys to our new "rental home" on Monday. This is really exciting for us, however, we have yet to pack one box. Anyone want to have a moving party?

*Amazed by Kenny. He is such a hard worker and serves people so well. End of story.

*Ran out of cereal before the week ended, which meant no late snacking for me last night. I'm going to have to pace myself next week.

*Didn't clean my house once. Until today. And let me tell you, it needed it.

*Welcomed a new lens into the K Stone Photo family. I get really excited when I open up the box to a brand new lens. Thank you Canon. 

*Attended Will and Olivia's wedding, as guests, last Saturday night. This was such a treat. I forgot what it feels like to dress up and stay somewhat free from sweat for an entire wedding. So thankful that Will and Olivia invited us.

And we are prepping for a busy weekend. We will be photographing Rob and Jessica's wedding on Saturday and then heading to San Diego for a wedding and the Resurgence Conference early next week. So excited to pack my bags and say hello to some coastal weather.

Have a great Friday and weekend. Drink a chai tea for me :) K and K

And proof that my brother's kids are indeed the cutest kids on the block :)

A Chico Wedding: Jarrett and Megan

I know I say this a lot, but we may have done the happy dance, when Megan and Jarrett chose us to photograph their wedding. Once again, they had a sweet story and we wanted to be a part of telling it. Once again, we were blessed with amazing clients. Megan and Jarrett were meant to be. As the first line of Brad Paisley's song says: "I remember trying not to stare the night I first met you, you had me mesmerized." It's almost like they knew from the moment they met. Jarrett had a feeling he would marry this girl and Megan knew she would marry him. And so as they danced to Brad Paisley's song for their first dance, it all made sense. You can tell that they quickly grew close, they trust each other and they are good friends. Megan respects Jarrett and Jarrett adores Megan. And the quiet exchanges that they share don't go unnoticed. We were all touched by the way that they love each other.

Thank you so much Jarrett and Megan. Looking back, I am just so thankful that you decided to call us and so thankful that in the end you chose us to photograph your wedding. Can't wait to see all that you will do together in this life. We are very grateful to know you.

Much Love, K and K

Vendors: Venue: The Palms Pavilion Florist: Meghan Barker Catering: Special Times DJ: Elite Sounds

Each girl wore these beautiful pieces in their hair.

And she was just so happy like this, all day...

Megan, you are gorgeous...

The first look...

Such a sweet bridal party:

And all of the small details just came together so well... Many thanks to Meghan Barker for the beautiful floral design.

The ceremony took place on the lawn of the Venue.

The details at the reception were elegant and one of my favorites of the season. Mindy and the team from Special Times Catering, don't miss a thing when they set and prepare for a wedding. It is always beautiful.

These two have such a great family and friends. Which made for a really fun reception.

Once again, the dances always tend to make me cry. Megan's dad is one of a kind. They have a lot of fun together.

Love this shot of Megan with her brother, Mark. Who also happens to be the owner of Elite Sounds DJ here in Chico. His team of people is just so good at what they do and professional!

Megan's Grandparents have been married for sixty plus years and happened to win the anniversary dance.

And the party was a fun one!!

Willows Memorial Hall Wedding: Mike and Andrea Tease...

There wasn't an empty seat in the house at Saint Monica's church in Willows last weekend. So many people came to show their love for Mike and Andrea, two high school sweethearts, destined to be together. It was a great celebration and once again we are just amazed that people would let us be a part of their day. Thank you so much Mike and Andrea!

More soon and Much Love, K and K

And yes, she is such a beautiful bride.

A Chico Wedding: Jarrett and Megan Tease...

Kenny and I always prepare before a wedding day by talking through our vision of the day from a photographic perspective. We think about what our priorities should be, depending on what the bride and groom have expressed to us. With Jarrett and Megan, we knew that their day would be elegant and that we wanted to capture really timeless photos. Let me just tell you, they made our job look easy. Aren't they just stunning?

Thank you so much Jarrett and Megan. We loved being a part of your wedding day! Much more soon, K and K

Bidwell Park Engagement Session: Keaton and Ashton Tease...

We never want to take our job for granted. Never. We know that couples have SO many choices when it comes to a wedding photographer. When people choose us, we are just so grateful and over the top, honored. So thank you Keaton and Ashton for choosing to work with us. You are awesome people -- the kind of people that make this world a better place.

Much Love and more to come, K and K

Chico Vintage Backyard Wedding: Anders and Ashley

Every once in awhile, you get the chance to photograph friends and that is one of my favorite things in the world. Now don't get me wrong, we LOVE all the weddings that we photograph, but there is something special about knowing a family well and being invited into their day, like we were with this wedding. To say we were honored, is an understatement. The Lundbergs are our friends. They were some of the first people that we met when we moved here and they have become like family to us. Embracing the good and the bad sides of us -- they love us well. Getting the privilege to photograph Anders and Ashley's wedding meant that perhaps we could serve them, because they tirelessly serve others ALL the time.

The wedding was held at the Shaffer Ranch, in North Chico. The day had a rustic, down to earth feel. And Anders and Ashley, well, they were just stunning. They were so happy to be getting married; so happy to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife, surrounded by 300 of their family and friends. I would say, the day was incredible.

Thank you Anders and Ashley. Thank you for letting us be there -- for being vulnerable and giving us the opportunity to photograph that. Thank you for being you. For being the kind of people that God can use to change this world. I know that you will have the opportunity to be even stronger, together. I just can't wait to see what God does through your marriage.

And thank you to the Lundbergs. Sometimes I don't know what to say, but thank you. Thank you for changing our lives; for the better.

Much, much Love to our friends and to people that we call family. We are so grateful not only to have been at your wedding, but to relive the moments here. And a huge congratulations to Anders and Ashley. This is just the beginning of something great!

K and K

Vendors: Venue: Shaffer Ranch Catering: Italian Guy Catering Photographer: K Stone Photography Dress: David's Bridal Floral Design: Alli Leduc Hair: Olivia James Hair Salon Makeup: Ashleigh Newport DJ: Kevin Reid

These two decided to see one another before the wedding -- and I am so glad that they did!

It was a very large and beautiful bridal party... Loved the details from the girls...

Ashley put on her veil right before the wedding. She is stunning...

The ceremony was held on the lawn at the Ranch. Aren't they so happy?

Moments after the wedding...

So excited to be married :)

There were some very special moments exchanged between family members, who we just love so much!

Such a cute flower girl...

We had the opportunity to take a few more photos afterward... Loved the mustang and the light :)

And, it's reception time :)

Ashley envisioned very simple decor, but wait till you see some of these little details... A homemade italian soda bar? Yes please :) An actual mailbox for the cards. Such a good idea... Salt Water Taffy on each table... with burlap and lace.

The floral design was beautiful work done by Alli Leduc.

Some sweet dances between family members...

A photobooth can provide some great photos for us too :) And just a few of the many candids taken during the dance party :)

Such a fun sparkler send off -- and dont you love this last frame? Cheers to an amazing wedding day!

Fridays are For Fun

I think you might be able to tell by my blog posts, Kenny and I are definitely waist deep in life right now. Between ministry and weddings, we are running hard, but we are running together and feel so grateful for everything. And as for this week... *Ate Papa Murphy's Pizza last night for dinner. It was either that, or salad for the fourth night in a row... Poor Kenny, one of these days I will become a better cook. For now, if anyone would like to become our personal chef, we are totally up for it :)

*Had such a great day off on Monday. Mondays are my favorite day of the week; LOVE quality time with Kenny.

*Worked out every day this week: Only because my head gets a little fuzzy after editing photos for hours and hours. Nothing like a good run, to wake up my brain :)

*Worked out next to a friend on Wednesday, and my workout was SO much better. Seriously, I must start going to the gym with friends.

*In an attempt to save money, I tried my hardest not to use the air conditioning in our house. This lasted about five minutes, but was quite a valiant effort.

*Had such an encouraging phone conversation with my friend, Katie. Love her!

*Trying not to listen to "Call Me Maybe" more than once a day. Yes, I am a sucker for pop music, always have been, probably always will be: Please, no judging.

*Fighting the urge to do some "back to school" shopping. Seven years out of school, and I still find myself looking at Target's back to school ads.

*Oh yes, and this little man has been gone to Spokane for the last six days and I am now going through withdrawals: Carsten (and sister, too), please come back soon.

We are getting ready for a full weekend. On Saturday, we will be at the Chico Wedding Weekend. Please come, we would love to see you! And then on Sunday, we get the honor of photographing some of our favorite people ever. Ashley and Anders are getting married :) So, So excited!

Happy Friday to all of you! K and K

Paradise Wedding: Tyler and Liesl

Tyler and Liesl live in Colorado, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time together before their wedding. In fact, we met in person for the first time, two days before their wedding. And you will quickly notice from these photos, that they are amazing people. Their joy, totally infectious. Their love for each other, so obvious. We enjoyed every moment of their wedding day. The day took place at Chapelle de L'Artiste in Paradise. Such a beautiful setting for a small wedding. We were able to be with Tyler and Liesl nearly all day -- as they prepared and spent time with a few close family and friends. They all made us feel right at home and we're so thankful for this opportunity.

Tyler and Liesl, you are wonderful people! Thank you friends! May you have a blessed life together! Much Love, K and K

Vendors: Venue: Chapelle de L'Artiste Makeup and Hair: Pink Diamond Artistry Catering: Roots Catering Cake: Lovely Layers Cakery Floral Design: Christian and Johnson Photographer: K Stone Photography

Liesl was seriously like this the entire day...

Tyler, you are so great!

Liesl, you are beautiful!

Their first look:

You are both so sweet to each other...

Loved all the details...

Christian and Johnson put together all the flowers and centerpieces, which were stunning...

Lovely Layers Cakery, did a beautiful job with the cake design...

And yes, Chapelle de L'Artiste provided an amazing backdrop for their wedding day...

An absolutely touching ceremony...

And right after the ceremony, they shared these sweet moments...

Chico Wedding Photographer: Fridays are for Fun

I say this every week, but I cannot believe that it is Friday already. This week was such a good week and we managed a few adventures: *Spent some much needed time with our friends on Sunday evening. We sat on their deck, ate way too much pizza and laughed until our stomachs hurt. There is nothing like good friends.

*Discovered that my workouts are much better with good music. And this week, when the Black Eyed Peas  came on, I am pretty sure I started running faster. I definitely fear that one of these days I will start singing out loud in front of everyone at the gym. No judging if you are there when it happens.

*Every year, Kenny plans a special day for the graduating students who attend our church. I could only join them for dinner on Wednesday, but definitely enjoyed it. Always cool to see students transition and hear about their dreams to make a difference in this world.

*Had two really good consults this week for 2013 weddings. And by good, I mean that these couples are amazing people with awesome love stories. Really thankful for this opportunity. Reminds me that people book early -- so please don't wait to contact the vendors that you want. It is always hard to turn away sweet people because we are booked.

*Laughed way too hard when I saw this video, posted by Katelyn James. And yes, I was all alone in my office laughing out loud.

*Dreamed of the day that my laundry would fold itself, no luck yet.

*Had an impromptu Starbucks date with friends. I absolutely love it when friends stop by for a quick coffee run -- even if it is just 15 minutes together, it is the perfect combination.

*Speaking of Starbucks, bought these new little drinks to serve our clients. I didn't have time for a taste test before our meetings, but of course, Starbucks pulled through for me. I would be more than happy to share some with anyone who would like to visit :)

Looking forward to another sweet wedding this weekend. Yay for Josh and Lizz! Have a great weekend Friends!

K and K