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A California Ranch Wedding: Cody and Katie

Cody and KatieNovember 9th, 2013 Shaffer Ranch, California "I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love..." Jason Mraz Cody and Katie, it seems you are friends with everyone, you are those kind of people. Thank you for your generosity and giving us the chance to be a part of your emotional, beautiful story.

Katie, you stop this. You are stunning.


Because this is totally them...

Fridays are for fun

Oh Friday. I am so glad you are here. It's nice to look back on the week and find some of the little things that made up our crazy life:

Got excited about a free rental from Red Box. Yes people, it's the little things...

Went on a run two mornings in a row and saw the sun rise each time. Puts life in perspective.

Trying to be more grateful. Kenny says I see the glass half empty -- I beg to differ, that I am simply a realist.

Tried to keep the texts to my sister minimal this week. That didn't work.  Dear sister, please move back to Chico.

Visited with a great friend. We laughed and cried. It was the best.

Kenny got a haircut. He's seriously handsome.

Parker is now walking, with the help of a box that he pushes everywhere around the house. He is such an athlete ;)

Decided that a trip to Williams and Sonoma must happen soon. I sure hope they don't run out of stuffing...  It's the best.

Went to Target twice this week.

Only bought gummy bears once.

And as life has been swirling around us, we have felt both deep sadness and great hope. At the end of the day we have to believe that this is not it. We live for something bigger and more beautiful than our own story. "Don't shine so that others can see you, shine so that through you, others can see Him." CS Lewis

a gale vineyards wedding: Keaton and Ashton

Keaton and AshtonSeptember 21, 2013 Gale Vineyards, California "Love is walking in the rain together" -author unknown Keaton and Ashton are generous, thoughtful and incredibly talented. They are the kind of people who make a stormy wedding day beautiful, simply because of who they are.

Ashton, you are beautiful.

Because of the rain, these two had their first look indoors.


And then we got some beautiful moments of light without a drop of rain...

The reception was held under a tent with stunning details...

Featured: Stephen and Kelsey

Stephen and KelseyMarried May 2012 TBS Ranch, California

Excited and honored to see their wedding featured in Rustic Wedding Chic today.

And yes, they are absolutely beautiful people!

Thank you again Stephen and Kelsey. We are blessed to know you.

A Chico Wedding: Jarrett and Megan

I know I say this a lot, but we may have done the happy dance, when Megan and Jarrett chose us to photograph their wedding. Once again, they had a sweet story and we wanted to be a part of telling it. Once again, we were blessed with amazing clients. Megan and Jarrett were meant to be. As the first line of Brad Paisley's song says: "I remember trying not to stare the night I first met you, you had me mesmerized." It's almost like they knew from the moment they met. Jarrett had a feeling he would marry this girl and Megan knew she would marry him. And so as they danced to Brad Paisley's song for their first dance, it all made sense. You can tell that they quickly grew close, they trust each other and they are good friends. Megan respects Jarrett and Jarrett adores Megan. And the quiet exchanges that they share don't go unnoticed. We were all touched by the way that they love each other.

Thank you so much Jarrett and Megan. Looking back, I am just so thankful that you decided to call us and so thankful that in the end you chose us to photograph your wedding. Can't wait to see all that you will do together in this life. We are very grateful to know you.

Much Love, K and K

Vendors: Venue: The Palms Pavilion Florist: Meghan Barker Catering: Special Times DJ: Elite Sounds

Each girl wore these beautiful pieces in their hair.

And she was just so happy like this, all day...

Megan, you are gorgeous...

The first look...

Such a sweet bridal party:

And all of the small details just came together so well... Many thanks to Meghan Barker for the beautiful floral design.

The ceremony took place on the lawn of the Venue.

The details at the reception were elegant and one of my favorites of the season. Mindy and the team from Special Times Catering, don't miss a thing when they set and prepare for a wedding. It is always beautiful.

These two have such a great family and friends. Which made for a really fun reception.

Once again, the dances always tend to make me cry. Megan's dad is one of a kind. They have a lot of fun together.

Love this shot of Megan with her brother, Mark. Who also happens to be the owner of Elite Sounds DJ here in Chico. His team of people is just so good at what they do and professional!

Megan's Grandparents have been married for sixty plus years and happened to win the anniversary dance.

And the party was a fun one!!

Worldess Wednesday: He's the Best

He's the best -- simply the best... I found this photo today. It is from a Stone family outing this past summer. There were about ten of us and this photo is taken at an arcade. Why yes, we still like to venture into bowling alleys and arcades for a little bit of "family fun" every once in awhile :)

Anyway, I love his smile in this photo: It is so "him"! If you haven't met Kenny yet, you should know he is pretty outgoing and full of energy. He rarely worries and doesn't complain. He loves life, living for the present, not the past or future. I wish I could be more like him.

Well, once again, Wednesday's post certainly turned out to have words, but I can't help it. Too much to say about Stone. He is awesome!

Have a great evening everyone!

Chico Wedding Photographer: Opening A New Door

You know, sometimes I have a hard time writing blog posts. I think melding our personal life with this business can seem tricky at times. How much can we share while still maintaining our professionalism? This year, Kenny and I want to be more candid on this blog, especially about marriage. We are HUGE advocates of marriage. We know that a strong marriage comes with both incredible moments and challenging ones. Most of the time, it is the day to day stories that make up the pages of our life together: It is the three month stint that we spent living with other people. It is six moves in six years. It is chasing our dreams until one o clock in the morning. It is the stubborness of two people and then finding out we were both wrong. It is the spontaneous trips to the coast and our inability to sing on tune. And sometimes it involves bigger things, like walking through cancer with family members, but knowing we serve a powerful God. These are the stories of our life.

In this next year, we will tell some of these stories, right here, on the blog. Mostly because our adventures in friendship and marriage mark our life, and in a lot of ways, our work as wedding photographers.

So, here is to opening a new door. We hope you enjoy the journey along with us.

Much Love, K and K

Chico Engagement Photographer: Kevin and Denise

Dear Kevin and Denise, We get so much joy as we see two people loving life and each other. You guys are those kind of people. When we met up for your engagement session, we were kind of tired from a long weekend of shooting weddings, however, instantly you energized us. And when we say that, we really mean it. You made us laugh and once again reminded us of why we love our job so much. Thank you for being so kind to us and letting us capture this love story. So honored to get a chance to know you and see you two married next fall. Thank you friends!

Much Love, K and K

Chico Wedding Photographer: 2011

It has been an incredible year. Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has let us into your lives. We are humbled and blessed. Being a wedding photographer is among the most amazing and challenging things we have ever done. It is the people that keep us inspired and God that gives us strength. So, we look back at 2011, knowing it changed us. You have made an impact on our lives and we will never be the same. Merry Christmas Friends and Much Love, K and K

David and Casey -- your wedding day was full of incredible moments because you two are amazing leaders. So proud to be involved.

Paul and Bethany -- We laughed and cried along with you as you braved the "sideways" rain with joy. Thank you!

Adrian and Adree -- Your passion for life and serving the people around you is so evident. We wouldn't have wanted to miss your day!

Jeff and Julia -- You are among the most joyful people we have EVER met. We are so honored to know you.

Scott and Rebekah -- What a great day and celebration. We felt like friends among friends. Thank you!

Chris and Mallory -- Oh gosh, you are heroes to so many of your friends and that was obvious on your wedding day. So thankful to know you!

Chris and Katie -- Love abounds with you two. You are amazing people and we were humbled and grateful to be a part of your wedding day.

Brent and Jade -- What a grand wedding day! You two have so much style and class. Thank you so much for being you!

Jared and Ashley -- You two are just so much fun! Capturing your love story was an incredible joy for us. Thank you!

Dennis and Linda -- Thank you for adding the two of us to your intimate wedding day. You are wonderful people.

Levi and Heidi -- Can two people have any more fun together? Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. We are honored to call you friends.

Matt and Crystal -- It may have been the warmest day of the year, but gosh it was one of the best. You two are just perfect together!

Billy and Bri -- You live with passion and joy. So grateful to be invited into your lives. It was a breathtaking day.

Simon and Veronika -- You two are incredible people with so much talent. Thank you for sharing your life with so many people, including us.

Bobby and Lauren -- What can we say? The love and joy that you two share is changing this world. We were honored to capture a part of your story.

Danny and Bridget -- Your day was stunning and it was very inspiring to see how loved you are. Grateful to have captured your wedding.

Aric and Cinnamin -- There is something quiet and wonderful about your love story. We will never forget your wedding day.

Zack and Ashley -- You two are amazing, perfect together! Thank you for letting us capture your day, even as we anxiously awaited the birth of our newest nephew.

Jon and Moryah -- You are the sweetest, and treat others with such kindness. I hope you know you are looked up to by many.

Andrew and Emily -- You could hear a pin drop as you said your vows to one another this November. It was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

Josh and Katie -- I just keep remembering how grateful you were to everyone, including us, on your wedding day. That speaks louder than you will ever know. We love you!

So cheers to 2011! You have been amazing and we look forward to the stories that 2012 will bring.

Chico Wedding Photographer: Andrew and Emily

Dear Andrew and Emily, Ever since your wedding I have had the words of Blake Shelton's song stuck in my head: God gave me you. It was the perfect song for your first dance. As we celebrated alongside your friends and family, we both knew there was something special about your relationship. You are going to have a big impact on this world, together. So thank you for letting us share that celebration with you. You are wonderful people; full of joy and adoration for one another.

Much Love, K and K

Emily, you are so beautiful! A stunning bride! You are both look wonderful!

Their reaction to seeing one another for the first time...

The bridal party hung out with us while we took portraits of the bride and groom -- Let me tell you, they were quite a fun group!!

These two frames were taken with some gorgeous fall light in the fields near the church.

These guys like to pretend they are really serious, but we laughed a lot with them! And the girls were so sweet!

The rings are absolutely stunning... So much fun to photograph..

The ceremony was held at the EV Free Church of Chico. This happens to be the church where Kenny works and we attend -- so that was a treat for us.

This little one may have stolen the show... just for a few moments.

The reception was held at Chico Event Center in downtown Chico. Quite an amazing facility! Loved the pomegranetes! Such a great addition to the table settings. Upper Crust provided the beautiful cake!

The reception was grand! Seriously, a lot of fun for us to capture! Here are just a few photos of the good times had by all :)

Chico Wedding Photographer: Jon and Moryah

Dear Jon and Moryah, As I edited your photos, it was clear that you have a beautiful relationship. The two of you are so kind to each other and the people around you. You are loved, by a lot of people, which was evident on your wedding day. Kenny and I were so priveleged to see all the moments play out on your wedding day. You were never stressed when the rain started to come down. You knew in your heart what was most important on your wedding day. Thank you for sharing your laughter and joy with us. Congratulations friends! So glad to know you and be a part of your special day.

Much Love, K and K

Jon and Moryah chose to see one another before the wedding. I was so glad, because just as we finished all of their portraits, the rain began.

The teal and yellows and golds were so beautiful together.

We got a smile out of Paul here -- I am sure it was one of Kenny's amazing jokes.

The ceremony was supposed to be outside, but the night turned very rainy on us. So they held the ceremony on the balcony indoors the Palms Pavilion.

The details were put together by a team of people, friends of the bride and groom. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

Moryah's Grandma made the cake, and all of the cupcakes. Is that amazing or what? These hung from the ceilings...

And the evening was so sweet. Clearly, they love and are loved well!

Probably one of my favorite moments of the night. Moryah is the oldest of her siblings and first to get married. It was quite a sweet moment between her and her Dad.

Always the sign of a great celebration.

Vendors for the Evening: Venue: The Palms Catering: Chico Catering Company Dress: David's Bridal Cake and Cupcakes: Grandma

Chico Wedding Photographer: Andrew and Emily Tease...

For those of you who know this couple, you will understand just how meaningful their wedding day was. Andrew and Emily, you are inspiring. Thank you so much for letting us witness and capture your wedding day. Cheers to this Thanksgiving Week! We can't wait for Thursday!

Chico Engagement Photographer: Stephen and Kelsey

Dear Stephen and Kelsey, I have so much respect for your relationship and love the way you treat each other. The fact that you have lived apart from one another for your entire dating relationship is quite amazing. And when Kelsey moves to Chico this January, it will be sweet bliss. Thank you for letting us into your lives.

Much Love! K and K

This is their "serious" look... But let's be honest -- they have the world's best smiles!

Um...I just like them so much!

I really like this next set of photos...

We ended the session in a gorgeous field, with beautiful light. Thank you so much Stephen and Kelsey!

Chico Engagement Photographer: Max and Kelsey Tease...

I am so thankful to work with the people that I do. Really, I can't say it enough -- thank you! Yesterday we had the opportunity to capture Max and Kelsey. Working with them was such a treat for us!And as for their engagement session... Well, they are just adorable! So many more sweet moments to come...

Cheers to Friday and I hear the Almond Bowl is tonight... I wonder if my hubby will convince me to go.

Chico California Engagement Photographer: Mike and Andrea

This couple is just the sweetest! Together they are stunning and they have a zeal for life. Mike is a baseball player for the Boston Red Sox Minor League. He is strong and a protector to his girl. Andrea works for Enloe and is so full of joy. She adores Mike. I love how they treat one another and working with them, even in one hundred and seven degree weather, was absolutely wonderful! Cheers to these two! Your wedding will be an unforgettable affair!

We started at a family farm, as the two grew up close to here and Andrea's Dad is a dairy farmer...

Andrea, you are gorgeous!

To All My Sisters Out There: Your Wedding Day Shoe

When I saw on my calendar, that today was going to be a "To All My Sisters Out There" post, I knew exactly what I would write. When you see the pair of shoes below, you will know exactly why I was inspired. I like shoes. I don't own a lot of shoes, but I love to photograph shoes. So, I am already biased as I write this post. Every weddding, I look forward to photographing a bride's shoes. Give me a good pair of heels to photograph, and I am all over it. They make for beautiful photos and a perfect addition to a wedding album.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you why I think a bride should give thought to her pair of shoes.

When I meet with a bride, we often chat about their wedding day vision. And along with this, what is their personal style -- what kind of dress will they be wearing, will they wear a veil, and what kind of accessories will they choose. Then we get to the shoes. I don't know why, but there is something about shoes that makes women swoon. We get all giddy. This is the point in my meetings, where most women, bust out their iphone and show me a photo of the shoes they have chosen for their big day.

And so this tells me something. It tells me that the shoe a bride chooses, has significance to her. It is her way of sharing more of her personality and style. I have never photographed the same shoe, and so perhaps this is why they are an important part of a wedding day. The pair of heels or shoes that a bride chooses, are certainly unique and telling.

In the end, I realize that it is just a pair of shoes. And while these are small details to a wedding day, it is still once in a lifetime. So consider what story your pair of shoes will tell.

Cheers to the Thursday! And the fact that I now want to wear heels tonight!

PS: Don't you love this bride's choice of shoes?

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Billy and Bri Part Two

When I first met Bri, here in Chico, she was planning her dream wedding to Billy for this coming January. However, Billy is in the military and when he was told of a possible deployment early this fall, they quickly moved the wedding to August! I am so glad their date was still available for me because I can't imagine not photographing this wedding. Seriously, it was such an honor. Kenny and I got to road trip back to Washington and together, we loved being a part of their day.The wedding was gorgeous and meaningful and a whole lot of fun. Thank you so much Billy and Bri! We are so blessed to work with people like you.

Their first look was so sweet, followed by more sweetness...

My view...

Kenny's view...

Seriously, just so thankful to work with these two!

Bri, you are gorgeous and Billy you have the best smile!

Such a fun and stunning bridal party!

A few candids from the ceremony....

I could tell that Bri and her maid of honor were the best of friends -- here they are right after Billy and Bri tied the knot!

The details were beautiful!

Some of my favorite beach photos with the couple!

Yes, I like you two!

And these happen to be the paddles to the kayaks that they rode away in... Yes, are they fun are what?

Rather than traditional cake for everyone, Bri and Billy chose a bonfire with smores!

And as the party wore on at the end of the evening, this ring bear still had enough energy to celebrate! Cheers to Bri and Billy!

Have a great Thursday everyone -- I am out of the office for the next few days, so I will see you on Monday!!

Chico California Photographer: Happy Birthday Kenny

Dear Kenny, Well, you are twenty nine today. I have known you exactly ten years this month and it has been the sweetest of my life. Thank you for who you are Stone.

Thank you for getting up every morning, with so much joy and working so hard for our family Thank you for never complaining about my poor cooking skills Thank you for always making me laugh Thank you for cleaning the shower each week, because you know it is not my favorite Thank you for listening Thank you for leading me Thank you for your patience Thank you for watching 27 Dresses with me way too many times in the past three years Thank you for giving up so many Saturdays to photograph weddings with me Thank you for your creativity Thank you for your courage Thank you for letting me hear your jokes over and over again because secretly I like them Thank you for our impromptu dates to Starbucks, that end up being unforgettable Thank you for all of your encouragement Thank you for all of your cuteness (not sure you want to be called that, but I adore you) Thank you for texting me from across the gym, just to tell me I like cute on the treadmill Thank you for your friendship Thank you for your strength Thank you for holding my hand on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland because I was truly scared Thank you for protecting me and making sure all of the doors are locked at night Thank you for pushing me when I want to give up Thank you for dreaming with me

Mostly, thank you for loving God so much, for running after Him, and putting Him first in all you do. You have changed my life for the better, thank you for loving me.

I love you Stone! Happy 29th birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!

One of my all time favorite photos of Kenny, with our niece Adelaide...

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Levi and Heidi Part One...

Ok friends, well, here is part one of Levi and Heidi's summer wedding. There are WAY too many photos for one post -- so here is the beginning, the rest to be shown tomorrow. Levi and Heidi opted not to see one another until the ceremony -- so I got to spend quite a bit of time on their individual portraits. Although I only met them this year, they are the kind of people who laugh a lot and light up a room. Oh gosh, and wait until you hear about their first dance: Amazing! I know, I am leaving you hanging, but here is a tease for now...

Cheers to Tuesday and the fact that these two will be back on my blog, together, tomorrow!

Yes, amazing shoes and so perfect to photograph!

It was seriously one of the warmest days this summer, and so Heidi's girls were so sweet to fan her out during the middle of her portraits. Loved these girls!

Levi rocked this suit -- I really think Kenny should invest in one of these :)

I know, I can't wait for tomorrow either :)