Chico California Photographer: Happy Birthday Kenny

Dear Kenny, Well, you are twenty nine today. I have known you exactly ten years this month and it has been the sweetest of my life. Thank you for who you are Stone.

Thank you for getting up every morning, with so much joy and working so hard for our family Thank you for never complaining about my poor cooking skills Thank you for always making me laugh Thank you for cleaning the shower each week, because you know it is not my favorite Thank you for listening Thank you for leading me Thank you for your patience Thank you for watching 27 Dresses with me way too many times in the past three years Thank you for giving up so many Saturdays to photograph weddings with me Thank you for your creativity Thank you for your courage Thank you for letting me hear your jokes over and over again because secretly I like them Thank you for our impromptu dates to Starbucks, that end up being unforgettable Thank you for all of your encouragement Thank you for all of your cuteness (not sure you want to be called that, but I adore you) Thank you for texting me from across the gym, just to tell me I like cute on the treadmill Thank you for your friendship Thank you for your strength Thank you for holding my hand on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland because I was truly scared Thank you for protecting me and making sure all of the doors are locked at night Thank you for pushing me when I want to give up Thank you for dreaming with me

Mostly, thank you for loving God so much, for running after Him, and putting Him first in all you do. You have changed my life for the better, thank you for loving me.

I love you Stone! Happy 29th birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!

One of my all time favorite photos of Kenny, with our niece Adelaide...