Chico California Wedding Photographer: Levi and Heidi Part Two

Alright friends, as promised, here is part two of Levi and Heidi's wedding day:When I met Levi and Heidi this past spring, I just knew that they would be an awesome couple to work with. Levi is a bit sarcastic, and we all just love him. Heidi is sweet. Together, they dance beautifully... Their wedding day was full of laughter and love and teasing. It was a pleasure for Kenny and I to join. Thank you so much Levi and Heidi. We are blessed to know you!

I am always taken by details. A wedding day goes by so quickly, and so I don't want my clients to forget exactly what their celebration looked like. Perhaps this is an inspiration for a blog post soon...

They were so happy... wouldn't you agree?

The flowers and rings were stunning...

Let me tell you, they nearly had a food fight with this cake :)

Ok, now here is the story behind the dancing.... Levi and Heidi are exceptional, ball room dancers. For their first dance, they began in the middle of the dance floor, and ended up dancing through the crowd, around the tables -- it was magical. I am tellling you... This is only a couple of the photos from their first dance.

I really appreciated Heidi's Dad -- he was so kind to us and you can tell he adores Heidi. (Here is my angle) (Kenny's angle)

More portraits of the two of them.... They are so awesome!

Ok, just a few more... Loved being a part of this wedding day!

Levi was so proud of this "get away" car! Cheers you two!

Some of the Vendors: Venue: The Palms Lighting and DJ: Dream Lighting and Sounds Dress: David's Bridal Wedding Coordination:Naomi from Your Perfect Day Wedding Coordination