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Thank you friends

We are overwhelmed with gratitude as we look back on 2013. We worked with amazing, generous people who have unforgettable stories.All we can say is thank you: Thank you for hiring us. Thank you for letting us capture some of the sweetest moments of your life. Thank you for your kindness and support. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for laughing at our jokes and listening to our stories. Thank you for telling us your stories.

It has been life changing year and we walked the path with the best of clients. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jens and Megan Private Estate Reception

Brett and Devon Lord Hill Farms

Brian and Antonia Family Estate

Jonathan and Gisel Grass Valley

Tyler and Charlotte White Ranch

Sam and Sara Patrick Ranch

Levi and Tanna Honker Bay

Luke and Megan Los Altos History Museum

Ryan and Kathryn White Ranch

Austin and Emily Long Creek Winery

Taylor and Kayla Chardonnay Golf Club

Kyle and Denny Shaffer Ranch

Jason and Ali Madison Bear Garden

Spencer and Shirley Long Meadow Ranch, Grgich Hills Estate

Miles and Kristen Skylake Gardens

Ryan and Sheri Canyon Oaks Country Club

Kevin and Katy The White House

Keaton and Ashton Gale Vineyards

Cody and Katie Shaffer Ranch

Fridays are for fun

Oh Friday. I am so glad you are here. It's nice to look back on the week and find some of the little things that made up our crazy life:

Got excited about a free rental from Red Box. Yes people, it's the little things...

Went on a run two mornings in a row and saw the sun rise each time. Puts life in perspective.

Trying to be more grateful. Kenny says I see the glass half empty -- I beg to differ, that I am simply a realist.

Tried to keep the texts to my sister minimal this week. That didn't work.  Dear sister, please move back to Chico.

Visited with a great friend. We laughed and cried. It was the best.

Kenny got a haircut. He's seriously handsome.

Parker is now walking, with the help of a box that he pushes everywhere around the house. He is such an athlete ;)

Decided that a trip to Williams and Sonoma must happen soon. I sure hope they don't run out of stuffing...  It's the best.

Went to Target twice this week.

Only bought gummy bears once.

And as life has been swirling around us, we have felt both deep sadness and great hope. At the end of the day we have to believe that this is not it. We live for something bigger and more beautiful than our own story. "Don't shine so that others can see you, shine so that through you, others can see Him." CS Lewis

a gale vineyards wedding: Keaton and Ashton

Keaton and AshtonSeptember 21, 2013 Gale Vineyards, California "Love is walking in the rain together" -author unknown Keaton and Ashton are generous, thoughtful and incredibly talented. They are the kind of people who make a stormy wedding day beautiful, simply because of who they are.

Ashton, you are beautiful.

Because of the rain, these two had their first look indoors.


And then we got some beautiful moments of light without a drop of rain...

The reception was held under a tent with stunning details...

Chico Wedding Photographer: Opening A New Door

You know, sometimes I have a hard time writing blog posts. I think melding our personal life with this business can seem tricky at times. How much can we share while still maintaining our professionalism? This year, Kenny and I want to be more candid on this blog, especially about marriage. We are HUGE advocates of marriage. We know that a strong marriage comes with both incredible moments and challenging ones. Most of the time, it is the day to day stories that make up the pages of our life together: It is the three month stint that we spent living with other people. It is six moves in six years. It is chasing our dreams until one o clock in the morning. It is the stubborness of two people and then finding out we were both wrong. It is the spontaneous trips to the coast and our inability to sing on tune. And sometimes it involves bigger things, like walking through cancer with family members, but knowing we serve a powerful God. These are the stories of our life.

In this next year, we will tell some of these stories, right here, on the blog. Mostly because our adventures in friendship and marriage mark our life, and in a lot of ways, our work as wedding photographers.

So, here is to opening a new door. We hope you enjoy the journey along with us.

Much Love, K and K

Chico Wedding Photographer: Jon and Moryah

Dear Jon and Moryah, As I edited your photos, it was clear that you have a beautiful relationship. The two of you are so kind to each other and the people around you. You are loved, by a lot of people, which was evident on your wedding day. Kenny and I were so priveleged to see all the moments play out on your wedding day. You were never stressed when the rain started to come down. You knew in your heart what was most important on your wedding day. Thank you for sharing your laughter and joy with us. Congratulations friends! So glad to know you and be a part of your special day.

Much Love, K and K

Jon and Moryah chose to see one another before the wedding. I was so glad, because just as we finished all of their portraits, the rain began.

The teal and yellows and golds were so beautiful together.

We got a smile out of Paul here -- I am sure it was one of Kenny's amazing jokes.

The ceremony was supposed to be outside, but the night turned very rainy on us. So they held the ceremony on the balcony indoors the Palms Pavilion.

The details were put together by a team of people, friends of the bride and groom. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

Moryah's Grandma made the cake, and all of the cupcakes. Is that amazing or what? These hung from the ceilings...

And the evening was so sweet. Clearly, they love and are loved well!

Probably one of my favorite moments of the night. Moryah is the oldest of her siblings and first to get married. It was quite a sweet moment between her and her Dad.

Always the sign of a great celebration.

Vendors for the Evening: Venue: The Palms Catering: Chico Catering Company Dress: David's Bridal Cake and Cupcakes: Grandma

Chico Wedding Photographer: Zach and Ashley

Dear Zach and Ashley, I am not sure we will ever photograph a wedding under the same circumstances as yours. My sister was in labor, and yet I knew this day was once in a lifetime for you. What an incredible day as we ran on so much adrenaline, yet loved every moment of it. Thank you for being you. You have the kindest adoration for each other and your day was very sweet. Thank you for letting us capture that. You are such wonderful people.

Much Love, K and K

Ashley got ready at a beautiful studio loft, right in the heart of downtown Chico.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Bidwell Bowl Ampitheater. So pretty this time of year!

These were captured moments after the two walked back down the aisle. Do they look so happy or what?

The reception was at the Chico Women's Club and catered by Bacio. Sometimes we are hired for limited hours and this was the case here, but we still enjoyed every moment of this celebration.

Chico Engagement Photographer: Stephen and Kelsey Tease...

In between the excitement of baby Carsten's birth, we also had the opportunity to work with these two amazing people this past weekend! Stephen and Kelsey, you are so, so wonderful! This is one of the first photos from our time together... I cannot wait to look at the rest! Cheers to this Monday rain and another very full week!

Chico Wedding Photographer: Bobby and Lauren Part Two

Oh gosh, where to begin? This wedding was full of details, every moment perfectly thought out. Kenny and I were so honored to be a part and thankful that Bobby and Lauren would invite us into their amazing day. Bobby is quiet and so smart: A soon to be doctor with the kindest spirit. Lauren is a nurse, and among the most joyful people you will meet. Together they are better. They dream of what they will do in the medical field and I can already tell that they will make a big difference in this world.I wish I could tell so much more of their story, but perhaps these photos will give you a glimpse into their love and into the start of their journey together. Cheers to love and the beautiful stories that I get to capture.

Oh yes, and if you missed part one, you can see that here.

Their first look...


Throughout their dating relationship, Bobby and Lauren would frequent Powells...

Loved the girlies and their cute details... The cutest of flower girls...

It was a gorgeous ceremony inside of Bidwell Presbyterian...

A few more portraits...

These are only a few details from their amazing day...

At the end of the evening, we captured a few more photos of the sweet couple..

Lauren, you are gorgeous!

Have I mentioned that I really like photographing rings?

And at the end of the night, we all just danced...

A beautiful moment between Lauren and her Dad.. and once again, I will end my post here, although there were so many details and moments following...

Some of the Amazing Vendors: Catering: Bacio Catering Forist: Cambray Rose Florist Ceremony Venue: Bidwell Presbyterian Reception Venue: Private Residence

To All My Sisters Out There: What Happens When I Stand in Line at the Grocery Store

It happened last Monday. While standing in line to pay for my groceries, I got very distracted by the magazines. Now, that is not something that usually happens to me. Usually, I am just trying to decide which pack of gum to purchase. This time, however, it was the bridal magazines that really got me. Before I knew it, I wasn't just browsing, a magazine was placed on top of my groceries and purchased :) As I later parused the pages of The Knot, Northern California, I came across an awesome article. It is about photography and I think you will appreciate it. I WISH I would have come across the article while planning my wedding. It is so helpful.

The article is titled, 17 Tips for Perfect Pictures by Lisa Freedman. If you click here, it will take you to the PDF copy of this article. Enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts on this one...

Another beautiful wedding coming tomorrow on this blog... And because we all love photos... here is one more from Chris and Mallory's wedding...

Chico California Wedding Photography: Almost Finished...

I have been editing so much this week and yet still didn't get this next wedding completely finished and showcased on the blog. However, I still couldn't resist. As I started to put together the story for their blog, this set of photos is one of my favorites from Chris and Mallory's Wedding. I say it all the time, but I am blessed with the BEST clients and the most BEAUTIFUL weddings. I love what I do -- and Mallory -- you are so sweet. I promise the rest of your wedding will be blogged early next week.

Cheers to Friday, another great wedding this weekend, and the fact that Costco sold me the best grapes in the world this week. So delicious!

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Brent and Jade Tease...

I walked away from this session last night, my heart full and with much adoration for this couple. Brent and Jade -- you are fabulous! Wait until you see more of these photos.... Cheers to Thursday - and the celebration of six years married to my hubby tomorrow! I am one lucky girl!