Chico Wedding Photographer: Opening A New Door

You know, sometimes I have a hard time writing blog posts. I think melding our personal life with this business can seem tricky at times. How much can we share while still maintaining our professionalism? This year, Kenny and I want to be more candid on this blog, especially about marriage. We are HUGE advocates of marriage. We know that a strong marriage comes with both incredible moments and challenging ones. Most of the time, it is the day to day stories that make up the pages of our life together: It is the three month stint that we spent living with other people. It is six moves in six years. It is chasing our dreams until one o clock in the morning. It is the stubborness of two people and then finding out we were both wrong. It is the spontaneous trips to the coast and our inability to sing on tune. And sometimes it involves bigger things, like walking through cancer with family members, but knowing we serve a powerful God. These are the stories of our life.

In this next year, we will tell some of these stories, right here, on the blog. Mostly because our adventures in friendship and marriage mark our life, and in a lot of ways, our work as wedding photographers.

So, here is to opening a new door. We hope you enjoy the journey along with us.

Much Love, K and K