Chico Wedding Photographer: Zach and Ashley

Dear Zach and Ashley, I am not sure we will ever photograph a wedding under the same circumstances as yours. My sister was in labor, and yet I knew this day was once in a lifetime for you. What an incredible day as we ran on so much adrenaline, yet loved every moment of it. Thank you for being you. You have the kindest adoration for each other and your day was very sweet. Thank you for letting us capture that. You are such wonderful people.

Much Love, K and K

Ashley got ready at a beautiful studio loft, right in the heart of downtown Chico.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Bidwell Bowl Ampitheater. So pretty this time of year!

These were captured moments after the two walked back down the aisle. Do they look so happy or what?

The reception was at the Chico Women's Club and catered by Bacio. Sometimes we are hired for limited hours and this was the case here, but we still enjoyed every moment of this celebration.