Chico Wedding Photographer: Contentment and a Beautiful Bride

We have three more weddings this year and then we are finished for 2011... What an amazing wedding season! Each year, we learn so much. With every weddding, we continue to see what we love and where we can improve. Wedding photography is ever changing -- there are always places to grow, always something up and coming in this industry. And yet, the same is true with life. Life is always changing. The culture around us never stays the same and moves at an incredibly fast pace. It always has, and it always will. The challenge for all of us, lies in accepting our circumstances while also pressing forward to what is ahead.

There will always be tension in these two places. Acceptance and Ambition.

It is something that we wrestle with quite often. Kenny and I realize there is a lot to keep up with and a lot more we want to do, yet there are only twenty-four hours in a day. We have to know what we are striving for. And we have to accept where we are. If we look around and compare ourselves to others, than our vision becomes blurred. This is what we are learning.

God has a purpose for all of us, and no two lives are the same. We will all make a difference in this world, in very different ways. Discover your passions and talents and hold fast to the things that God places on your heart. Look forward. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking around, trying to keep up, and only growing tired and ineffective.

Not sure where this post came from today. This is always a season of reflection for me, as we look to the new year while also finishing strong right now.

Ok and I had to post some of my new favorite portraits from the wedding I am working on right now. I only had a few moments with Ashley, before her wedding ceremony, but isn't she stunning? The rest of her wedding will be blogged later this week.

Much Love Friends! K