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Chico Engagement: Ryan and Ashlee

Ryan and AshleeGenerous, humble, and incredibly kind Engagement Session in the Wildflowers Chico, California

"There is no remedy for love than to love more." -Henry David Thoreau

We are beyond grateful to know you both. Much Love, K and K

Chico State Engagement: Jason and Ali

We first heard from Jason and Ali last fall. And instantly loved their story.

Jason and Ali met at Chico State their freshman year. And we're pretty sure they have been best friends since. What struck us as so special, is how much they support each other, their love and friendship is so obvious. Jason adores Ali and Ali is Jason's biggest cheerleader, on the court, and off the court. They are genuine people who have welcomed us into their lives with open arms. We are so blessed by them.

So thank you, Jason and Ali, for letting us be a part of your lives. You've become friends and we know that the future holds great things for both of you. Your wedding will be the start of a beautiful life: We are so excited for you!

Much Love, K and K

Aren't they the sweetest?

Jason is on the Chico State Basketball Team, and because it is such a big part of their life, we thought it was fitting to end the night here, outside the gym.

San Francisco Engagement: jon and jessica

We have gotten so many amazing opportunities this year. We've worked with great people -- We really do walk away from every session, hoping that we have blessed our clients in some way, because they have blessed us more. No doubt. And that's how we feel about Jon and Jessica. We were able to squeeze in their engagement session on a recent trip to the City -- and what a treat for us. They took us to some different places -- places that will forever hold memories for them. Places like their favorite restaurant, neighboorhoods and beaches along the bay. And with each location, there were stories. And our hope -- that their stories will be stronger memories because of these photos.

Jon and Jessica, we are so excited for you. I think it is safe to say, you have a lot of gifts and you are making a difference in this world. Clearly, you love well and are loved by so many.

Thank you so much for choosing to work with us. We are so appreciative. Much Love, K and K

Jessica, you are so pretty...

We laughed a lot during this session...

These photos were taken in the alley next to their favorite restaurant. Love it.

Green Street has some meaning to them -- and I love that we could capture this shot...

Seriously, aren't they beautiful?

Thank you, Pinterest, for this idea found by Jessica :)

And down by Baker Beach, we captured these beautiful shots...

Chico Engagement Photographer: Leon and Maritza

Maybe it is our shared love for Starbucks, or the fact that Leon and Kenny could talk about espn all day long; whatever it is, we feel like these two could be long lost friends :) Leon and Maritza are both the nicest of people. They love to laugh and they make us laugh -- and we could listen to their stories for hours. It is people like these two, who make our job SO great. I just have to say that when they chose us to photograph their wedding next month, we could have hugged them! That is how excited and honored we are to tell a bit of their story.

Leon and Maritza, well, you are just fabulous! Loved working with you both!

Thank you SO much, K and K

Maritza, you are beautiful!

Leon, you are such a stud! Thanks for being such a good sport!

She is stunning...

I think Kenny would look good in these vans. And these wedges are just amazing...

Pretty sure they were laughing here as I snapped as quickly as possible, because I was scared for my life that a train would get us all...

And just like that, a train decided to pass us by.

You guys rock!

Seriously, are they the most fun people ever?

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much Leon and Maritza!

Chico Engagement Photographer: Ben and Lauren Tease...

I know what you all are thinking: There have been a lot of teases on my blog lately. I know, I know. What a fantastic, crazy life.Of course, this also means that I am now officially on lock down -- in my office, jamming to the best of James Morrison and getting this editing done. And this is where I will be all week :)

As for this couple -- I don't even know where to start. Only that they are an amazing couple, destined to do great things in this world. together.

Ben and Lauren, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for laughing with us yesterday. We are blessed.

There will be many more photos to come... K and K

Chico Engagement Photographer: Mitch and Amanda

Dear Mitch and Amanda, Ok, you two are awesome! You laugh a lot and make our job way too fun! Joy just oozes out of you and it is contagious! Thank you for being so wonderful! We LOVED working with you and can't wait for your August wedding. Thank you, Thank you! Much Love, K and K

We scheduled their session for early March on the coastal town of Mendocino. It turned out to be a beautiful day, which made for a very busy beach town -- but we managed to find some quieter spots and get lots of sweet photos! These two are so great together!! I love how happy they are!

Mitch, you rock!

Amanda, you are so beautiful!

Amanda and Mitch have two sweet puppies that we may have chased around the beach a bit :)

How can you not love these two?

Walnut Creek Engagement Photographer: Eric and Jill Part Two

Dear Eric and Jill, We can tell that you are good friends with each other. We can tell that you have had years of memories and adventures that have all culminated into a sweet love story. We love that you have known each other since high school. When we met for your engagement session, we were blown away by your thoughtfulness for each other and for us. Thank you for being vulnerable and for choosing to let us into this season of your lives. We can't wait to get to know you better and share in your August wedding day!

Much Love, K and K

Two beautiful people, for sure :)

Seriously, don't you just love them?

Walnut Creek Engagement Photographer: Eric and Jill Tease...

Today after church we drove to Walnut Creek to meet this sweet couple for their engagement session. Seriously -- I think God has blessed us with the kindest clients in the world! Thank you so much Eric and Jill. We are so grateful for you! I can't wait to share more from their session :)

Chico Engagement Photographer: Kevin and Denise

Dear Kevin and Denise, We get so much joy as we see two people loving life and each other. You guys are those kind of people. When we met up for your engagement session, we were kind of tired from a long weekend of shooting weddings, however, instantly you energized us. And when we say that, we really mean it. You made us laugh and once again reminded us of why we love our job so much. Thank you for being so kind to us and letting us capture this love story. So honored to get a chance to know you and see you two married next fall. Thank you friends!

Much Love, K and K

Chico Engagement Photographer: Kevin and Denise Tease...

In the midst of a great weekend, we got to work with Kevin and Denise today. What an amazing couple! Seriously, aren't they stunning? Cheers to Christmas week! I will have a tease from Josh and Katie's beautiful day tomorrow!

Chico Engagement Photographer: Will and Olivia Tease...

Well it is true: Yesterday, I got to combine my affinity for all things Starbucks with an engagement session. And being that Starbucks is now delighting my senses even more with the red cups and holiday drinks, I would say it was a dream come true. We worked with Olivia and Will, who happen to serve us all the time at Starbucks as Baristas. Um, they are quite amazing! Here is just a tease of our time with them. Are they so sweet? Makes you want to go to Starbucks and hug your barista, huh? Thank you so much Will and Olivia! We appreciate you more than you know!