Chico Engagement Photographer: Leon and Maritza

Maybe it is our shared love for Starbucks, or the fact that Leon and Kenny could talk about espn all day long; whatever it is, we feel like these two could be long lost friends :) Leon and Maritza are both the nicest of people. They love to laugh and they make us laugh -- and we could listen to their stories for hours. It is people like these two, who make our job SO great. I just have to say that when they chose us to photograph their wedding next month, we could have hugged them! That is how excited and honored we are to tell a bit of their story.

Leon and Maritza, well, you are just fabulous! Loved working with you both!

Thank you SO much, K and K

Maritza, you are beautiful!

Leon, you are such a stud! Thanks for being such a good sport!

She is stunning...

I think Kenny would look good in these vans. And these wedges are just amazing...

Pretty sure they were laughing here as I snapped as quickly as possible, because I was scared for my life that a train would get us all...

And just like that, a train decided to pass us by.

You guys rock!

Seriously, are they the most fun people ever?

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much Leon and Maritza!