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Chico Wedding Photographer: Josh and Katie Part Two

As promised, here is part two of Katie and Josh's wedding. Once again, we cannot say thank you enough to this amazing couple and their family and friends. Your wedding was full of personal touches and the love you share is contagious! Much Love friends! K and K

And in case you missed it, here is the link to the first part of their wedding day as well.

They are just genuinely happy people.

Let's be honest -- these two have so much style. Love them!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked classy and incorporated some of their own style as well.

The wedding was held in downtown Chico at New Hope Community Church. You can see Josh's tears here... Such a powerful moment. Josh built the arch that is in the background here. So many amazing and personal details went into their day.

A few photos right after the ceremony. Josh is still just in awe of what happened.

The reception was held at the Chico Event Center. Thank you to Marcy and her staff for providing such an amazing experience. Katie works for a school district in the library and so their love for books was incorporated into the day as well.

Josh and Katie also had Snapshots Photo Booth at their reception, but Katie had handmade some of these great props.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Leach! Lots of fun dancing!

And cute kids...

And by far one of the highlights of my evening... The bouquet toss!

Cheers to the newlyweds! Thank you so much friends!

Chico Wedding Photographer: 2011

It has been an incredible year. Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has let us into your lives. We are humbled and blessed. Being a wedding photographer is among the most amazing and challenging things we have ever done. It is the people that keep us inspired and God that gives us strength. So, we look back at 2011, knowing it changed us. You have made an impact on our lives and we will never be the same. Merry Christmas Friends and Much Love, K and K

David and Casey -- your wedding day was full of incredible moments because you two are amazing leaders. So proud to be involved.

Paul and Bethany -- We laughed and cried along with you as you braved the "sideways" rain with joy. Thank you!

Adrian and Adree -- Your passion for life and serving the people around you is so evident. We wouldn't have wanted to miss your day!

Jeff and Julia -- You are among the most joyful people we have EVER met. We are so honored to know you.

Scott and Rebekah -- What a great day and celebration. We felt like friends among friends. Thank you!

Chris and Mallory -- Oh gosh, you are heroes to so many of your friends and that was obvious on your wedding day. So thankful to know you!

Chris and Katie -- Love abounds with you two. You are amazing people and we were humbled and grateful to be a part of your wedding day.

Brent and Jade -- What a grand wedding day! You two have so much style and class. Thank you so much for being you!

Jared and Ashley -- You two are just so much fun! Capturing your love story was an incredible joy for us. Thank you!

Dennis and Linda -- Thank you for adding the two of us to your intimate wedding day. You are wonderful people.

Levi and Heidi -- Can two people have any more fun together? Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. We are honored to call you friends.

Matt and Crystal -- It may have been the warmest day of the year, but gosh it was one of the best. You two are just perfect together!

Billy and Bri -- You live with passion and joy. So grateful to be invited into your lives. It was a breathtaking day.

Simon and Veronika -- You two are incredible people with so much talent. Thank you for sharing your life with so many people, including us.

Bobby and Lauren -- What can we say? The love and joy that you two share is changing this world. We were honored to capture a part of your story.

Danny and Bridget -- Your day was stunning and it was very inspiring to see how loved you are. Grateful to have captured your wedding.

Aric and Cinnamin -- There is something quiet and wonderful about your love story. We will never forget your wedding day.

Zack and Ashley -- You two are amazing, perfect together! Thank you for letting us capture your day, even as we anxiously awaited the birth of our newest nephew.

Jon and Moryah -- You are the sweetest, and treat others with such kindness. I hope you know you are looked up to by many.

Andrew and Emily -- You could hear a pin drop as you said your vows to one another this November. It was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

Josh and Katie -- I just keep remembering how grateful you were to everyone, including us, on your wedding day. That speaks louder than you will ever know. We love you!

So cheers to 2011! You have been amazing and we look forward to the stories that 2012 will bring.

Chico Wedding Photographer: Something Delicious

I think we all know that during the holidays, food is just better. The stores are stocked with treats, dozens of things to tempt me to eat less fruits and vegetables. Last week, my sister introduced me to these pretzels. Just imagine a salty pretzel, mixed with sweet white chocolate and a hint of peppermint to tie it all together. Yes, I know, simply delicious! I like them so much, that they have actually become a christmas present for some of my friends :) So, when you see me at Costco with a cart full of these, please don't judge. In January, I will start eating my fruits and vegetables again:)

Happy Friday Friends! We are excited to shoot one more beautiful wedding tomorrow! And to start celebrating this Christmas Season with our family next week. Don't worry Mom, I will bring some pretzels!

K and K

Chico Photographer: Baby Dylan

Dear Dylan, You are one now. That was a very quick year. I can hardly believe how fast you are growing. There are so many cute things about you -- although, I am not sure that your Dad would want me to call you cute. You are one handsome boy! Thank you Leah and Yancey for letting me be a part of your lives. I have gotten to know you over the past year and consider you friends. You are so kind to Kenny and I. Thank you so much! So cheers to Dylan's first birthday! He is so awesome!

Much Love, K and K

He has had a full head of hair since the very beginning! Pretty amazing stuff!

I am pretty sure he was laughing here -- but I love this expression! It kind of sums up how we all feel sometimes.

Definitely walking now...

And while this last frame doesn't show you his cute face, I really love it. Pure happiness between a Mom and her son!

Chico Photographer: Baby Dylan Tease...

Currently, I am getting very little sleep :) My days consist of so many great things -- but my oh my, can it make a woman tired. When I looked at October, knowing that the cutest of newphews would be born this month as well, I just knew. I knew it was going to be a "hold on for dear life, God give me energy" kind of month. So that is what we are doing. And trying to savor every moment as well. I am so thankful for all that is happening in our life! And, I am so thankful that Starbucks is still making great coffee for times like these :) And yesterday, I had two photo sessions. Here is one tease, from one session, for now. Baby Dylan, you are one! What an incredibly fast year! I love working with his family!

So, cheers to Friday and the fact that my Dad comes for a visit today! It's going to be a great weekend!

Chico Photographer: Sweet Baby C...

Just in case you were wondering why I can't get enough of this little guy... He is beautiful, absolutely perfect! This week we will take his newborn photos... but in case some of you needed a pre-tease of those, here you go... Carsten Jeremiah, you are amazing. We love our new nephew so much!

Chico California Photographer: Marissa

Well, to say that I have neglected the blog, might be an understatement. I wish it wasn't, but indeed it is. This summer has been a whirlwind. I have been working really hard to finish all of my editing, to order and package and deliver photos. In the midst of this, I have finished my office (photos on that next week), and of course, my head is always whirling with so many new ideas. Good thing I have a husband to remind me that there are only twenty four hours in a day. Because of these things, there are stories left untold on this blog and I am so sorry. While I have been busy, I have to admit that sometimes, the reason the blog is neglected, is my own insecurity. I am not sure why I feel this way: Perhaps it is because this industry is so personal -- this is my work that I am showcasing, and the fact that it can be critiqued or loved, is very unnerving for me. If I don't put my work on the blog, then there is nothing to critique, but then, there is also nothing to love.

And so I am learning: True love involves vulnerability. It takes courage. Yet we feel loved the most as we are known and understood and accepted.

As I understand this more and more, I hope it will change my life and my business.

And speaking of a beautiful story: This is my lovely sister. She will have her first child, a baby boy, in the beginning of October. I am so proud of her -- she exudes virtue and strength. I love you sister. You are a stunning Mom -- does pregnancy get more beautiful than this?

Chico California Wedding Photographer: What Is To Come...

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I am very good at this blog thing. Each day, I give myself a 4:00 deadline. And by this time every day, I am so waist deep in my editing, that I am lucky to get one photo on the blog. Oh, I am so sorry to all those who read this blog. Hopefully you won't give up on me -- because I promise, to share more than one photo with you very soon. In fact, the photo below is from a wedding that I am editing right now... their entire day will be blogged this week! As for all the teases last week, I was in the gorgeous Bend, Oregon with my family. For those of you who have never visited Bend, I highly recommend it, especially when you are surrounded by great people. Cheers to what is to come and the hope that my blog will soon be filled with many, many photos!

Oh yes, and doesn't this photo make you want to dye your hair a stunning red? Ashley is beautiful!

Chico California Photographer: Backyard Family Session Tease...

Dear James, you are too cute for words... Enjoy this sweet tease from my session with his family this week. And, I am off to attend a wedding today -- yes, as a guest, no photography involved. I don't think I have done this for almost two years! I am so excited, I already picked out my outfit :) So cheers to a fun evening celebrating with some good friends! Come tomorrow, I am back at it, excited to capture Levi and Heidi's Wedding Day!

Chico California Photographer: Natalie

Sometimes I get the chance to meet with my clients before their session. Natalie was one of them. We met later on a Thursday night and as she began to tell me her vision for her senior photos, I knew, in that moment, that this was going to be good. She is an AP student, very involved in school and I can tell, she is adored by her peers. Natalie is a natural leader and she is stunning. And the best part, she rocked her senior photos -- in her heels! Thank you so much Natalie. You are so sweet -- and I loved working with you!

Yes, this is her car -- she restored the entire thing!

Love it!

Chico California Photographer: Kira

Meet Kira -- she is so beautiful -- and has a voice to match that beauty. Over the last year, I have heard her sing a few times, and she is simply amazing! I am so glad to work with Kira. It was early in the morning when I photographed her, but her session quickly became the highlight of my day. Kira, thank you so much! Thank you for your joy and for showing so many qualities of your self in these photos. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Kira: Your eyes are stunning!

Thank you for laughing with me (or perhaps at me...)

Chico California Photographer: Janee Tease...

I cannot believe it is Thursday. What happened to this week? If you wondered where I have been, I have been in my office, editing like a crazy woman all week long. This may explain my lack of blogs posts. Not to worry though -- in between all of my editing, I did manage to make dinner two nights in a row (quite the accomplishment for this girl), and watch American Idol last night... Who are you rooting for? And the tease of today: For those of you who know Janee, I think you would agree, she is among the sweetest persons on earth!

Chico California Photographer: Baby S Tease...

Meet sweet baby girl, Sicily! Her name is just as precious as she is. I had the chance to photogragh this little one a week or so ago, and realized that I never posted a tease... Enjoy her cuteness! I can't say it enough -- thank you! Thank you for cheering me on and thank you for being a part of my life. To my clients: You are the best, the absolute best!

Chico California Photographer: Gabriella

I am in a quiet mood this week. Just thoughtful with a lot of things going on around me. As I worked on Gabriella's photos today -- this next set almost stopped me in my tracks. She is so beautiful, inside and out. But what really struck me, is the story that I see behind these photos. As the wind stirred around her, she quietly showed her strength and joy and beauty. And I think this is what happens in life. God uses the storms and challenges and chaos that stirs around us, to bring out His beauty and His character and His strength. I think the storms are the blessings, but sometimes that is hard to see.

Thanks Gabby -- for letting your photos inspire me. You are gorgeous!

Chico California Photographer: Baby K

I met Kaidyn at six weeks old. She is truly a doll -- just so sweet and perfect and full of expressions. Thank you so much Diane and Ron for giving me the chance to capture Kaidyn. I am honored. Your life as a family of three has begun and it suits you well. Thank you, Thank you! Oh yes, she is one happy girl!

I love the sweet interactions between Mom and Daughter...

I just love the way she holds her hands...

And this sweet dress suits little Kaidyn perfectly.

Chico California Photographer: Chico State University Tease...

I had the opportunity to document the first event, hosted by the brand new Colusa Hall, at Chico State yesterday. They have not even had their ribbon cutting yet, which I will get the opportunity to photograph in early May. Here is a tease from my work yesterday: Don't worry, I will show you the state of the art interior soon... What an honor for me to be a part of such an event!