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Our work with families

The final hints of fall have arrived in Chico, which also brings the end of another season of photography.This last month, we finished our 2013 wedding season and also worked with some sweet, sweet families. While the majority of our work is weddings, we always look forward to photographing families -- families that become great friends to us.

Thank you to all our families who let us into your lives. We are incredibly blessed and are lives are definitely richer because of you. Much Love, K and K and P

And, if there is anyone who wants some last minute family photos, please let us know. We would love to make something work for you in the next week or so.

Ian and Ashley and their cute boys always bring joy to our family. So thankful for them!

Yancey and Leah have worked with us for over three years. So blessed to know them.

Ryan and Megan and their cute boys are such a blessing to us. Sweet friends who will be a part of our lives forever.

These people are family to us; always opening up their home and lives to Kenny and Parker and I. We don't know what we would do without them.

We are always so grateful to work with this family. Over the years, we have photographed two of their weddings, and just feel so blessed by all of them.

And I am just starting to work on this sweet little family's photos. Thank you Anders and Ashley for all of your kindness and generosity. We love you guys.

Emily's sweet Family

Noah, Emily and MollyChico, California October 2013 "A happy family, is a home."  - Authour unknown The other day, we had the opportunity to do a little session for this sweet family. I should tell you that Emily is a photographer here in Chico, and super talented. I am so blessed to know her, be encouraged by her and to capture her beautiful family.

Chico Photographer: Heather's Boys...

Heather has been outnumbered now for quite a few years. She has these two cuties, who keep her on her toes at all times. And in just a few weeks, she will become one less outnumbered, as they welcome their first little daughter. I am so excited for them. For now, you can only imagine how much mischief these two can get into...

Little Luci, we can't wait to meet you :)

Aren't they just the cutest family?? Love them!

Portland Photographer: Katie

Sometimes you don't realize how long you've known a person, because they just feel like family. You don't realize what a special thing it is to have a friend for over thirteen years. And then there are the kind of people who you just know, no matter what, they are going to love you. You can be one hundred percent yourself, let your guard down, and they will still be your friend.

There are the kind of people in life who don't hesitate to sacrifice for others. Who won't leave this world untouched by their love for Jesus and unending compassion for people.

And this is Katie. She is that kind of person,

I am so, so thankful for her.

Katie is also a photographer based in Portland. She is so talented and it is SO nice to have a friend in the industry. Her husband, Branden, spoke at our winter retreat last weekend, and so we were able to catch up and take photos...

Katie, you are beautiful, inside and out.

Love you so much friend!

Bidwell Park Family Session: Ian and Ashley and James

I met Ashley a couple years ago. She is super talented -- I really do appreciate her so much. She is the owner of The Powder Room, downtown and just among the nicest people you will ever meet. Her and Ian always make us feel so at home. They are the kind of people that we love having in our life.

We did an early morning session a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share a few of their photos. Their son James, is just so cute. They love the park and James loves his bike. Which Kenny and I both agreed, is one of the coolest bikes we have ever seen.

Thank you so much Ian and Ashley. We love you guys and can't wait for baby number two to arrive :) Much Love friends! K and K

Isn't James so cute? Not a care in the world...

I just love these two! They are such good parents and amazing people :)

We all need a little sugar every once in awhile...

Happy Halloween friends! I am not sure if I am more excited about handing out treats to the little kiddos tonight or the fact that I will get to eat the leftovers. Either way, I made sure to buy Reeses and maybe some gummy bears too... And because Halloween is basically about sugar consumption, I had to share these few photos of Carsten enjoying his first lollipop. Isn't he the cutest?

Have a fun evening. Don't eat too much candy, although we probably will... and don't forget to brush your teeth :)

Chico Senior Potraits: Lauren

When Lauren pulled up for her senior session, I instantly knew this was going to be fun. She is super sweet, super pretty and has the kind of personality that is contagious. She isn't afraid to laugh out loud and just be herself.I loved working with her.

Congratulations Lauren! So excited for your senior year and to see all the great things in store for you.

Much Love, K

She's the sweetest!

Tualatin Country Club Portraits: Taylor

We have the best families. Both of us. And when we were in Oregon a couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to photograph my cousin Taylor, for her thirteenth birthday. Now Taylor is such a sweet girl. And she is crazy good at golf. There is absolutely no way that Kenny or I could beat her in a game, ever. In fact, I won't even dare challenge her to a round of mini golf. She's that good. So it was very suiting for us to have her session at the Tualatin Country Club. This is where she spends a lot of time and it was fun to see her in her element.

And Taylor, you are so pretty, inside and out. Thank you for everything!

Much Love to all our families, K and K

Yes, we even found this patch of wildflowers to the left of one of the holes. She looks so pretty.

Downtown Lake Oswego Portraits

Before we flew out of Portland on Tuesday, we had the chance to work with some great people. It made me miss Oregon, that's for sure. So glad we can stay in touch with our friends and clients up north. We are totally blessed to work with so many people along the west coast :) I have a lot of editing ahead of me in the coming weeks, but wanted to share just a look into a couple of these sessions:

Tim and Michelle are amazing people -- really, the kind of people who are making a BIG difference in this world. Working with them on Tuesday was totally an honor for us.

Thank you so much Tim and Michelle! K and K

And Michelle, you are full of joy! Love this about you :)

We also worked with Kate on Tuesday. She is such a sweet girl. A senior at West Linn High School. Can't wait to share more from her session soon.

Thanks so much Kate! K and K

Happy Friday friends! We are headed to San Francisco for an engagement session this weekend and then we can't wait to be at the Dave Matthews Concert and see our brother open the show. SO amazing!!!

People: Allen Stone

Not all of us know what it is like to sacrifice everything for a dream. At the age of thirteen, most of us have no idea what we want to do with the rest of our lives. And those of us that do, hardly have the courage to follow those dreams, year, after year, after year. So when Allen sings at the tops of his lungs in front of thousands, he is sure of one thing. He was right. His dreams may be bigger than himself, but his determination is not.

You are an amazing man. Your hard work and talent is capturing the ears of millions. Thanks for letting us be a part of your adventure. Love you so much brother, K and K

PS: If you haven't heard his music, you can click here. If you want to follow him on twitter, you can click here. If you want to like his Facebook page, you can click here. OR, If you want to be a groupie, here is a link to his fall tour :)

Chico Photographer: Luke Tease...

I got to work with this sweet boy today. He was a little bashful at first, but he quickly warmed up to the camera. So thankful for their family. And  because Luke's Dad is our dentist, I have to say it once again, if you are looking for the best of dentists here in Chico, you must visit McComb Family Dentistry. Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather today :) K

Chico Photographer: Carsten

Well, I happen to love this little man. He is the sweetest. And his Mom, well she is the best of sisters and best of friends to me. What would I do without her? About a month ago, we realized that Carsten is growing up so quickly and we needed to freeze time for just a few moments. So that's what we did. Last Friday. There is something so awe inspiring about capturing my own family. I tend to scream with delight as I edit each photo and say things like, "isn't he the cutest boy you have ever seen?" (Really, I am in my office, all alone, saying these things...) And that's how I feel -- Carsten is just the cutest!

We love you so much family! Thanks for being so amazing and supportive and just the greatest of friends. K and K

Like I said, he's the cutest!

They are just the best. Together.

Love you guys! You have such a sweet marriage!

Chico Photographer: Carsten Tease...

To say we love this little man is an understatement. It was so much fun on Friday to capture my sister and her sweet boys. Carsten is growing up so quickly and we wanted to freeze time, for just a few moments anyway. Don't worry Mom, I will post more photos soon :)

Chico Portrait Photographer: Audrey

Last Friday, as the rain poured down in Chico, we were inside photographing this sweet girl. She is so cute. The perfect addition to her family. I also love her parents, of which her Dad happens to be our dentist. If you are looking for a dental practice, you should definitely go to Dr. Mccomb. Seriously; their team of people is simply the best! Well I am headed to Richvale tonight for an engagement session. SO excited to work with another amazing couple!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! K

Chico Photographer: Sarah Tease...

Somehow, we get to work with the best people in the world. Feeling blessed to have met and worked with Robert and Sarah on Sunday. I can't wait to share more of their beautifulness :) Happy Tuesday Friends! It's going to be one crazy, amazing week!

(I know this is just a photo of Sarah for now, but don't worry much more to come... )

Chico Photographer: Maddie Tease...

Just spent a little time with this sweet girl. Maddie will have her First Communion here very soon, and we wanted to capture all that comes with that. Here is just a little tease from our work together :) LOVE her smile and her laugh!

And tomorrow is Friday! It's going to be a good weekend!

Chico Photographer: Megan

We first met Megan at a wedding this past November. She caught the bouquet. And one thing I will never forget, she was full of life and joy. When I met with her two weeks ago, the same kind of energy and happiness radiated from her. She is confident, in the Lord. She trusts God has a plan for her life. She is content. And I loved working with her.

Megan is graduating with her Masters Degree in teaching. She is a natural born leader and I know God has really big plans for her. She will be influencing the younger generations for years to come.

Thank you Megan. Thank you for being an example to young people and to me. The way that you love God and love life is contagious. You are sweet!

Much Love, K

Megan, you shine sister!

Megan, you are beautiful!

One of my favorite groups of photos all day... Isn't she just amazing?

Megan, thank you again... You are great!

Chico Portrait Photographer: Megan Tease...

Megan, You are beautiful, inside and out. Thank you so much for being you -- and inspiring others by the way that you live. So excited to edit the rest of your photos!

Much Love, K

Happy Monday everyone! Look for some posts later this week -- featuring the Walk for Water Event that we photographed this weekend and a small wedding tease...

Chico Portrait Photorapher: Alli...

I am finishing up this family's photos today. But for now, I just had to post these two of the stunning Alli. She is a courageous woman and so beautiful. The way she serves others doesn't go unnoticed. Each day she pours so much love into her hubby and three little ones while also working full time as a flight nurse at Enloe. So today's post is just for her. Thank you for serving your family and the tons of people around you so well. I am blessed to know you. So blessed.

Much Love, K

You are gorgeous Alli and yes, I love your style...

Chico Portrait Photographer: L Family Tease...

Well, it is Sunday afternoon, which means my hubby may be napping on the couch right now, while I am dreaming of the same... I am telling you, losing an hour of sleep last night was not good for our family :) As for this tease, what a bunch of cuties:) I LOVE this family and am so grateful to work with them again this year. The twins turned two yesterday, so it was perfect timing for some photos!

Enjoy your Sunday evening! We are about to have some fun tomorrow -- headed to Hollywood to see our brother perform on Jimmy Kimmel! Tune in on Tuesday evening for Allen Stone's live performance. We can't wait!!