Chico Photographer: Megan

We first met Megan at a wedding this past November. She caught the bouquet. And one thing I will never forget, she was full of life and joy. When I met with her two weeks ago, the same kind of energy and happiness radiated from her. She is confident, in the Lord. She trusts God has a plan for her life. She is content. And I loved working with her.

Megan is graduating with her Masters Degree in teaching. She is a natural born leader and I know God has really big plans for her. She will be influencing the younger generations for years to come.

Thank you Megan. Thank you for being an example to young people and to me. The way that you love God and love life is contagious. You are sweet!

Much Love, K

Megan, you shine sister!

Megan, you are beautiful!

One of my favorite groups of photos all day... Isn't she just amazing?

Megan, thank you again... You are great!