Portland Photographer: Katie

Sometimes you don't realize how long you've known a person, because they just feel like family. You don't realize what a special thing it is to have a friend for over thirteen years. And then there are the kind of people who you just know, no matter what, they are going to love you. You can be one hundred percent yourself, let your guard down, and they will still be your friend.

There are the kind of people in life who don't hesitate to sacrifice for others. Who won't leave this world untouched by their love for Jesus and unending compassion for people.

And this is Katie. She is that kind of person,

I am so, so thankful for her.

Katie is also a photographer based in Portland. She is so talented and it is SO nice to have a friend in the industry. Her husband, Branden, spoke at our winter retreat last weekend, and so we were able to catch up and take photos...

Katie, you are beautiful, inside and out.

Love you so much friend!