Chico Photographer: Carsten

Well, I happen to love this little man. He is the sweetest. And his Mom, well she is the best of sisters and best of friends to me. What would I do without her? About a month ago, we realized that Carsten is growing up so quickly and we needed to freeze time for just a few moments. So that's what we did. Last Friday. There is something so awe inspiring about capturing my own family. I tend to scream with delight as I edit each photo and say things like, "isn't he the cutest boy you have ever seen?" (Really, I am in my office, all alone, saying these things...) And that's how I feel -- Carsten is just the cutest!

We love you so much family! Thanks for being so amazing and supportive and just the greatest of friends. K and K

Like I said, he's the cutest!

They are just the best. Together.

Love you guys! You have such a sweet marriage!