Chico California Photographer: Marissa

Well, to say that I have neglected the blog, might be an understatement. I wish it wasn't, but indeed it is. This summer has been a whirlwind. I have been working really hard to finish all of my editing, to order and package and deliver photos. In the midst of this, I have finished my office (photos on that next week), and of course, my head is always whirling with so many new ideas. Good thing I have a husband to remind me that there are only twenty four hours in a day. Because of these things, there are stories left untold on this blog and I am so sorry. While I have been busy, I have to admit that sometimes, the reason the blog is neglected, is my own insecurity. I am not sure why I feel this way: Perhaps it is because this industry is so personal -- this is my work that I am showcasing, and the fact that it can be critiqued or loved, is very unnerving for me. If I don't put my work on the blog, then there is nothing to critique, but then, there is also nothing to love.

And so I am learning: True love involves vulnerability. It takes courage. Yet we feel loved the most as we are known and understood and accepted.

As I understand this more and more, I hope it will change my life and my business.

And speaking of a beautiful story: This is my lovely sister. She will have her first child, a baby boy, in the beginning of October. I am so proud of her -- she exudes virtue and strength. I love you sister. You are a stunning Mom -- does pregnancy get more beautiful than this?