Chico Wedding Photographer: Something Delicious

I think we all know that during the holidays, food is just better. The stores are stocked with treats, dozens of things to tempt me to eat less fruits and vegetables. Last week, my sister introduced me to these pretzels. Just imagine a salty pretzel, mixed with sweet white chocolate and a hint of peppermint to tie it all together. Yes, I know, simply delicious! I like them so much, that they have actually become a christmas present for some of my friends :) So, when you see me at Costco with a cart full of these, please don't judge. In January, I will start eating my fruits and vegetables again:)

Happy Friday Friends! We are excited to shoot one more beautiful wedding tomorrow! And to start celebrating this Christmas Season with our family next week. Don't worry Mom, I will bring some pretzels!

K and K