To All My Sisters Out There: Your Wedding Day Shoe

When I saw on my calendar, that today was going to be a "To All My Sisters Out There" post, I knew exactly what I would write. When you see the pair of shoes below, you will know exactly why I was inspired. I like shoes. I don't own a lot of shoes, but I love to photograph shoes. So, I am already biased as I write this post. Every weddding, I look forward to photographing a bride's shoes. Give me a good pair of heels to photograph, and I am all over it. They make for beautiful photos and a perfect addition to a wedding album.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you why I think a bride should give thought to her pair of shoes.

When I meet with a bride, we often chat about their wedding day vision. And along with this, what is their personal style -- what kind of dress will they be wearing, will they wear a veil, and what kind of accessories will they choose. Then we get to the shoes. I don't know why, but there is something about shoes that makes women swoon. We get all giddy. This is the point in my meetings, where most women, bust out their iphone and show me a photo of the shoes they have chosen for their big day.

And so this tells me something. It tells me that the shoe a bride chooses, has significance to her. It is her way of sharing more of her personality and style. I have never photographed the same shoe, and so perhaps this is why they are an important part of a wedding day. The pair of heels or shoes that a bride chooses, are certainly unique and telling.

In the end, I realize that it is just a pair of shoes. And while these are small details to a wedding day, it is still once in a lifetime. So consider what story your pair of shoes will tell.

Cheers to the Thursday! And the fact that I now want to wear heels tonight!

PS: Don't you love this bride's choice of shoes?