Chico Wedding Photographer: Fridays are for Fun

I say this every week, but I cannot believe that it is Friday already. This week was such a good week and we managed a few adventures: *Spent some much needed time with our friends on Sunday evening. We sat on their deck, ate way too much pizza and laughed until our stomachs hurt. There is nothing like good friends.

*Discovered that my workouts are much better with good music. And this week, when the Black Eyed Peas  came on, I am pretty sure I started running faster. I definitely fear that one of these days I will start singing out loud in front of everyone at the gym. No judging if you are there when it happens.

*Every year, Kenny plans a special day for the graduating students who attend our church. I could only join them for dinner on Wednesday, but definitely enjoyed it. Always cool to see students transition and hear about their dreams to make a difference in this world.

*Had two really good consults this week for 2013 weddings. And by good, I mean that these couples are amazing people with awesome love stories. Really thankful for this opportunity. Reminds me that people book early -- so please don't wait to contact the vendors that you want. It is always hard to turn away sweet people because we are booked.

*Laughed way too hard when I saw this video, posted by Katelyn James. And yes, I was all alone in my office laughing out loud.

*Dreamed of the day that my laundry would fold itself, no luck yet.

*Had an impromptu Starbucks date with friends. I absolutely love it when friends stop by for a quick coffee run -- even if it is just 15 minutes together, it is the perfect combination.

*Speaking of Starbucks, bought these new little drinks to serve our clients. I didn't have time for a taste test before our meetings, but of course, Starbucks pulled through for me. I would be more than happy to share some with anyone who would like to visit :)

Looking forward to another sweet wedding this weekend. Yay for Josh and Lizz! Have a great weekend Friends!

K and K