Fridays are For Fun

I think you might be able to tell by my blog posts, Kenny and I are definitely waist deep in life right now. Between ministry and weddings, we are running hard, but we are running together and feel so grateful for everything. And as for this week... *Ate Papa Murphy's Pizza last night for dinner. It was either that, or salad for the fourth night in a row... Poor Kenny, one of these days I will become a better cook. For now, if anyone would like to become our personal chef, we are totally up for it :)

*Had such a great day off on Monday. Mondays are my favorite day of the week; LOVE quality time with Kenny.

*Worked out every day this week: Only because my head gets a little fuzzy after editing photos for hours and hours. Nothing like a good run, to wake up my brain :)

*Worked out next to a friend on Wednesday, and my workout was SO much better. Seriously, I must start going to the gym with friends.

*In an attempt to save money, I tried my hardest not to use the air conditioning in our house. This lasted about five minutes, but was quite a valiant effort.

*Had such an encouraging phone conversation with my friend, Katie. Love her!

*Trying not to listen to "Call Me Maybe" more than once a day. Yes, I am a sucker for pop music, always have been, probably always will be: Please, no judging.

*Fighting the urge to do some "back to school" shopping. Seven years out of school, and I still find myself looking at Target's back to school ads.

*Oh yes, and this little man has been gone to Spokane for the last six days and I am now going through withdrawals: Carsten (and sister, too), please come back soon.

We are getting ready for a full weekend. On Saturday, we will be at the Chico Wedding Weekend. Please come, we would love to see you! And then on Sunday, we get the honor of photographing some of our favorite people ever. Ashley and Anders are getting married :) So, So excited!

Happy Friday to all of you! K and K