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the first time ever

The last six months have been full of changes for us. Lots of change.And this week, we are announcing some exciting new things with the business! As for today, for the first time ever, we are offering a gift to our future couples. For the next month, we will be offering 800.00 off of any wedding package, if your wedding falls on a Friday or Sunday. As we move into this new season, we covet the chance to work with many of you and we are always SO grateful for your referrals. Happy Fall friends! So blessed to do what we love! K and K

Chico Wedding Photographer: Wordless Wednesday, Almost...

Well in between editing, a dentist appointment (apparently I still have wisdom teeth and a cavity) and just the normal work day, I managed to get a lot done. Except this blog post. So please forgive me, as Wordless Wednesday saved me once again. But really, who doesn't want to see another photo of this stunning couple? And hear about my dentist appointment?

Happy Wednesday friends! You are half way through this work week :)

Chico Wedding Photographer: Mark and Emily Tease...

What an incredible weekend. So thankful to be a part of Mark and Emily's wedding. It was really wonderful to see friends and family come around and support these high school sweet hearts. Here is just a tease of our day with them. Thank you so much Mark and Emily. Happy honeymooning friends. Soak up that hawaiian sun for us :) K and K

PS: You are a stunning couple. Love how happy you are together!