Chico Engagement Photographer: Luke and Megan

We are super excited to share this session today.

Luke and Megan adore each other. When we worked with them last Saturday, it was SO obvious that these two are really good friends. We just love that. And we enjoyed every minute that we spent with them. They are genuine people, unafraid to be themselves. They care deeply about others -- and love Jesus.

Thank you so much, Luke and Megan, for letting us be a part of your wedding day and this season of your life. Thank you for encouraging and loving so many people around you. Your joy is contagious and we just know that God is going to use you both to impact this world. Together, you will have so much influence on the people around you. We are blessed to know you.

Much Love, K and K

Don't you just love them?

Megan, you are beautiful...

And then this happened: They took out their Avengers shirts. How cool are they?

And one of the last frames of the night... love this!