Fridays are for Fun

Dear Friday, you came and went so fast last week, that I did not even write a blog post. I guess that's what happens when my Mom comes to town. And this week, was no different, so fast, and really great:

*My Mom was in town for an entire week. So good to spend quality time with her -- when you live two states away, time together is really so special.

*Ate way too many treats and drank too much Starbucks (actually, that could never happen) :)

*Was inspired to make a new Pesto Recipe this week -- proving once again, that my cooking skills need some serious attention.

*Can't believe how expensive gas rates are. What is going on people? Looks like I may need a magic carpet ;)

*With the seventy degree weather last weekend, we took full advantage and spent most of our time outdoors. Chico, you may not be as beautiful as Portland, but your weather is amazing.

*Enjoyed working with this couple last Saturday in the seventy degree weather. We work with such genuine, amazing people. Feeling blessed.

*My Mom, sister and I browsed Pottery Barn Kids online -- can't wait to spoil our little baby someday.

*And with the end of The Bachelor coming up, one can only hope that reality tv doesn't let me down once again. Sadly, I think it will.

Well that is it friends. I know there were so many more highlights, but I am off to spend some time with my hubby. He has the day off today and you better believe I don't want to miss out on that.  Gosh, we are blessed.

Have a great weekend Friends! K and K