Standing in the Middle

A beautiful story is never written without a beginning, middle and end.It wouldn't be complete without all three. You wouldn't want to read it.

Right now, Kenny and I are in the middle of an adoption story. We are in the trenches -- probably our least favorite part. But we have to remember that without the middle, there won't be a beautiful ending.

So every day, as we wait for news, we remember that this day is important. Today, has just as much purpose as yesterday and tomorrow. Our story doesn't just come to life at the end, it's happening right now, even if we can't see it. This part of the story matters.

The middle of this story is where character is built. It's where patience is tested. It's where our convictions grow stronger. And we know that the middle of the story, sets the stage for a brilliant ending.

 So, while our adoption journey is still being written and I can't tell you the whole story today, I promise, that someday I will. And like always, we invite you to join us as we stand in the middle, a hopeful place.

Much Love friends, K and K