Fridays are for Fun

Friday, you continue to be one of my favorite days of the week. So thankful you are here because well, it's been a wild week:

*Sadly, Kenny caught something awful on Sunday:  He spent the first half of the week at home, on the couch. I didn't know Mission Impossible had a two, three and four. Now I do :)

*This also meant I spent most of the week doing laundry and disinfecting my house. My OCD tends to come out around flu season :)

*Opened the windows wide this week and loved the light and fresh air that poured into the house.

*Tried my hardest to cheer for the Niners this weekend. I still think the Seahawks should have been there...

*Obviously we spent most of our evenings at home, which meant cribbage and jeopardy. We are so cool ;)

*Ate a cake pop this week. Many thanks to our client who delivered this delicious treat. Like I say, we work with the nicest people in the world.

*Went to Tin Roof with three of my favorite people yesterday morning. The combination of scones and friends made for such a good morning.

*And contrary to what you may think, I actually really enjoy healthy food. Most of the time.

*Tried my hardest not to break out in song while at the gym. This is hard for me. When the good songs start playing on my headphones, I get all pumped up and want to sing along.

*Received a package in the mail for Baby Stone. We have the best family ever. Hands down, the best.

*Baby Stone was also affectionately referred to as "Pebble" by one of our friends. Pretty sure that's going to stick. Thank you Katy!

Well, Happy Friday. What a great day -- what a great week; especially now that we are back up and running at the Stone house. We keep praying for the birthmom that God is going to bring into our lives and the beautiful miracle that will come from that. Please pray with us.

Much love friends! K and K

And as always, a little snapshot of our week: