Fridays are for Fun

Well, since it is already Friday again, and I am waist deep in editing, I thought I would leave you all with another classic photo that I discovered while culling last weekend's wedding:Oh dear, I  just love him so much.

Although, it's also further proof that neither of us should be on the dance floor. As if my dance moves weren't bad enough, Kenny took it to a whole new level: Doing the "fish reel" with a wedding guest, in the middle of the reception. Wow, what can I say? We think we are great dancers.

Reality check number two: We must stay off the dance floor OR seriously consider some dance lessons. This is getting out of control.

Well happy Friday to everyone. Have some fun for us because we will be at home, practicing our dance moves, all weekend ;) And one can only hope that Parker has better rhythm than us. Cheers! K and K and P