Fridays are for Fun

Oh my, I think I blinked and it was Friday again. What a fast week:

*Definitely purchased a grande iced coffee for one dollar today. Thank you Starbucks email offer. *Discovered that Parker likes to get up with the sun each morning. If you know anything about me, this is quite challenging. *Even though my eyes are barely open at that time of the morning, I have been able to notice the gorgeous sunrises. *Went for a run in nearly one hundred degree weather. Two mistakes happened here: a run, and a run in 95 degree weather. *Contrary to what I may say, I actually do enjoy excercise. Nothing like some endorphins to keep me moving. *Sat next to my boys on the couch, while culling photos. Even though I was still working, my heart was full. *Went to the store with my sister. I just love her. so much. *May or may not have read the spoiler for this season's bachelorette. *Learning that laundry and dishes will always be on my to do list. So will cleaning the bathroom. *And Every day, I am learning that joy is a choice. God has blessed us with so much. I really want to be so grateful.

Have a great weekend friends! We will be photographing a wedding tomorrow, and the forecast is 113. I hope we don't melt :) Lots of Love, K and K and P :)

And because we can't get enough of this sweet smile...