Fridays are for Fun

It's funny how quickly minutes turn into hours. It seems like every day is so full, and just like that, another week has come and gone.

*Currently writing this post very early in the morning. Apparently Parker loves the early mornings too much to sleep. *Went to Toys R Us for the first time since I was a child. I think the store may have overwhelmed me both as a child and an adult :) *We all went for a run at sunset last night with. It's my new favorite thing. *Went to dinner with the greatest friends on Tuesday. Like always, we were the last ones out of the restaurant. *Trying not to be jealous of my sister who is currently basking in the Hawaiian sunshine. Next time, I must go with her. *Went to Kenny's basketball game on Wednesday night to cheer him on. Parker fell asleep. *Love that Kenny still plays basketball because he's seriously a stud. Probably should have played for the NBA :) *Working to finish Parker's little bedroom which turned out to be inspired by some burlap curtains. *Continually amazed by all of Parker's expressions and movement. His laugh might be the cutest thing ever. *Finished a book for the first time since Parker was born. I almost forgot how much I love a good book. *And hoping to take the rest of today off to spend some much needed quality time with my boys. I think we will eat scones and drink coffee.

Have a great weekend. We are off to shoot another wedding tomorrow and then I can't wait to celebrate Kenny's first Father's Day on Sunday. Gosh, we are so blessed. Much Love Friends, K and K