Fridays are for Fun

We knew this week would fly, and that was definitely the truth:

*Spent our Friday night running a new trail and washing our cars. We are such party animals...

*Had our first wedding of the season celebrating this couple. Gosh, we love our job.

*Filled out my March Madness Bracket. I fully expect to beat Kenny this year.

*Speaking of March Madness, Go Zags! Cheers to our hometown!

*Kenny spoke at church on Sunday -- He is amazing. Love him so much.

*Sold a lens this week. Bought a new one.

*Bought some flowers at Trader Joes for a friend who had surgery. When we told the man checking us out what they were for, he threw in two more bunches on the house. I already loved Trader Joes, now I do even more.

*Oh, and bought this frozen pizza from Trader Joes on Sunday. Yes, we were that hungry. And yes, it was amazing.

*Drove the I-5 north for eleven hours yesterday and only stopped at Starbucks twice.  We love roadtrips.

And this weekend, we are photographing my cousins wedding in Seattle! We are super excited and blessed to be with our families and capture an incredible wedding day. We just saw the venue last night and it is going to be one gorgeous celebration.

Happy Friday. Have a really blessed weekend! K and K