Our adoption journey is not over -- sometimes I don't even know how much it has started. And right now, we are at the end of one of our chapters:

In early January, the day after our home study, we were contacted by someone on Facebook: She was pregnant, and she was looking for adoptive parents.

This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a dream in our hearts.

We skyped and exchanged texts. We waited for the day when she might officially ask us to be the adoptive parents.

And that day came. But that day was a lot different than we ever could have imagined. In the midst of such exciting news, there was also a very confusing side to this story: The birth dad had done almost everything possible to stop the adoption from happening.

The week we were asked to be adoptive parents might have been the best week of our lives, but it was also a heartbreaking week of our lives. Because that was the week, that God asked us to walk away from a dream. As we prayed and gathered information, God gave us clarity, and we had to let go of this birth mom and her baby. It was not our battle to fight.

That was two weeks ago now, and just yesterday, we heard from the birth mom: On Sunday, a beautiful baby girl was born. We are so happy -- and celebrate her birth. At the same time, we are sad, confused and grieving the end of this chapter, saying goodbye to a dream. It is bittersweet.

We feel honored to know this birth mom -- to walk through a really tattered season of her life, learn from her courage, and be chosen as adoptive parents. We are learning that this story is so much bigger than ourselves.

Behind the curtain of life, the God of the universe is writing a beautiful script. And we believe that this script is always perfect, because He is perfect and good to us, even when we don't understand.

So while today is a bit messy and unresolved, we do know this: One day, our adoption story will have an ending; and that ending will be all the more beautiful because of the heartaches of today.

Thank you for walking with us friends.
Much Love,
K and K