Fridays are For Fun

And just like that, it is March and another week has come and gone. The last seven days held a lot of ups and downs and everything in between:

*Went for a run through the park with Kenny and Carsten on Saturday. It just so happened to be at the same time as the Bidwell Classic  (half marathon). And yes, someone definitely took our photo. So in case you ever see that photo somewhere, please know it is not true. Only  in our dreams would we ever run 13 miles :)

*Worked with this sweet couple last weekend. And yes, Jason is nearly two feet taller than me: Good thing I have a step stool. And good thing I don't have to guard him on the basketball court.

*Bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Sunday and still have some left today, which is pretty much a miracle in this house.

*Listened to this sermon online. Was convicted and inspired.

*Spent Wednesday evening having dinner with a family from our church. Gosh, people have amazing stories and big hearts. So thankful to know them.

*Still trying to convince Kenny to watch the Finale of The Bachelor with me this week. My sister will be out of town, and I certainly cannot watch it by myself. Kenny is not convinced...

*And, if we don't get news on the adoption soon, I am considering auditioning for The Amazing Race and/or going to Kauai.

*Been pretty emotional the past two weeks. I had no idea how hard this adoption journey was going to be for us. It has made me much more aware of other people's struggles and our desperate need for purpose beyond ourselves. Hoping to share more about this journey soon.

Enjoy your weekend friends. Thanks for following along on our crazy, but blessed life. Much Love, K and K

*And, in the past week I have cried way too many times on Kenny's shoulder and said things I didn't mean. I'm beyond thankful for his grace, love and patience that he shows me. Kenny, you are so amazing.