Fridays are for Fun

Well it's true, I haven't written a Friday blog post since before Parker was born, which was almost two months ago. I can't believe it... Our life is just one big adventure:

*Shot a gorgeous wedding in Grass Valley on Sunday. Realized how much I love the mountains, cooler weather and beautiful weddings. It was the perfect combination. *Shot the wedding with our sweet friend Emily -- blessed to have such great talent alongside me. *Trying to limit my trips to Target. Turns out, I have only gone twice this week, which is pretty much a record since Parker was born. *Called in my sister for back up today. With the start of wedding season, I either need to clone myself or have a bit of extra help. *Ate an entire package of gummy bears in one day. Wish I could blame that one on Parker's appetite. *Went on two runs through the park with my boys this week. To say I am out of shape, might be an understatement. I'm sure the gummy bears didn't help :) *Decided I don't like cereal as much as I used to. *Decided I still like Starbucks just as much as I used to. *Found out Parker weighs 11.5 pounds. Oh my. *Also discovered that Parker loves music just as much as me. Dance parties in my office all day long. *And at the end of very busy days, Kenny and I can't help, but see God working in our lives -- There is always, always so much to be thankful for.

We are prepping for another beautiful wedding this weekend. So blessed to celebrate marriage with other couples. It's such a gift!