Fridays are for Fun

I know I say this every week, but Friday came so fast this week. I can't even believe it. Our week has been very full and we feel blessed:

Went to a movie for the first time in three years. I was a little worried about what Tinsel Town may have to offer, but the theater totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you Tinsel Town :)

Made a fresh asian salad this week. It was another one of those things that exceeded my expectations. One can only hope I have turned a corner in my cooking skills.

Went for a long hike with Kenny on Sunday. Signs of spring are everywhere and I love it.

Ate at Chick Fil A last weekend. So delicious. Anyone else agree?

Launched a fresh website this week after many, many drafts and revisions. We decided to do it all on our own this year, making this a huge project. Yay for finishing projects.

Skyped with lots of people during our evenings; clients and family and friends. Technology is pretty amazing.

Was given the freshest coffee beans from a client this week and the aroma has been filling our house for days. There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee. Remember the days when Starbucks used to smell this way?

Attended our last Chico State home game of the season. So fun. All we can say is, bring on March Madness. My bracket will have to beat Kenny's this year ;)

Well friends, hope you have a great weekend. Make a new memory. Do something adventurous. Enjoy the small moments. Much Love, K and K