Fridays are for Fun

Well, here we are, Friday again, and the first day of February. I love Fridays -- and always have. Growing up, it meant Full House, Family Matters and no school :) Today it just means everyone seems to be happier. And like every Friday, here is my rundown of the week:

*Feeling a bit normal with most Saturdays off of work lately. We love wedding season, but this is a good season too. We all need rest.

*Kenny officially finished his "weight loss challenge" which means two things: 1. He is now very skinny and 2. I now have someone else to blame when the gummy bears disappear.

*Not to talk about the weather, but it has been amazing. I mean, I can almost envision myself with a tan. Almost.

*Attended the Chico State Basketball games with friends last weekend. It made us all feel like we were in college again.

*And speaking of age, was mistaken for a high school student this week. Really? I mean, I know I look young, but there's a big difference between 16 and 30 :)

*Hiked/went for a run in upper Bidwell Park this week. It was beautiful and made us feel all "outdoorsy."

*Still recovering from the Seahawks loss a few weeks ago. However, since we live in Nor Cal, we are getting excited for the Superbowl. Go Seahawks! Just kidding friends, go Niners!

*Attended a four and a half hour CPR/First Aid class on Tuesday. Passed with flying colors.

*Made homemade granola on Sunday while watching a cooking show. Made me feel really domestic.

*Learning to accept the fact that days feel like weeks and weeks like months when you are waiting for news on the adoption.

*And on that same note, not wanting to miss out on the moments that Kenny and I have as "just us".

Feeling thankful. Have a great weekend everyone. We are looking forward to another engagement session this weekend and my brother in law's amazing superbowl food on Sunday!

Cheers! K and K