Fridays are for Fun

I feel like I was just writing my blog post last Friday, but once again, another week has come and gone.

Enjoyed a pre-thanksgiving feast last night with great friends. The only thing missing was green bean casserole. Yes, I just said that. No judging.

Loved waking up to the sound of rain on Tuesday. It made me nostalgic for Portland. Although having the sun shine two days later, is much better than waiting until next May.

Bought Parker a sweater. He loves fashion.

Took our family photos on Sunday, thanks to the help of sweet friends. Parker rocked his new sweater.

Went to Starbucks this week. Indulged in their buy one get one holiday drinks. It was a great idea.

Spent quality time with friends and laughed a lot. There's nothing better.

Finished editing the last of this year's wedding season. Can't believe we made it. 2014 here we come.

And yes, we watched our first Hallmark Christmas movie of the season... Not sure that this qualifies us as cool anymore, but I sure loved it.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'd suggest a sappy Hallmark Movie to put you in the Holiday spirit ;) Much Love Friends, K and K and P

And because he's the cutest...