Fridays are for Fun

Well here we are, January 18th, and I am finally getting back to some Fridays are for Fun. The past couple weeks have been full of some great things:

*Stayed in my pajamas all day on Monday. Well, almost all day. Rest is good. For the soul.

*Kenny is currently in a weight loss contest with nine other people. Which means, when the bag of gummy bears is gone in one day, it truly is my fault. I'd like to think he ate a few of them...

*Opened up my curtains wide this week, to lots of sunshine. It does wonders for the soul.

*Went for a run through the park with Kenny. Really enjoyed it.

*Visited with a good friend. Laughed together and cried together. This is the best.

*Met some really great couples in the last few weeks. Wedding consults are in full swing and we just feel so blessed to hear some beautiful stories.

*Hung out with little Carsten, he's too cute for his own good :)

*And after growing my bangs out for over eight months, I caved. Yes, I cut my bangs. Turns out, this was an ok decision.

Enjoy your weekend friends! We are looking forward to a fun engagement session tomorrow and then some down time later this weekend. Oh yes, to all my Portland friends, if you need some sunshine, please come this way :) Our guest room is waiting for you...

Happy Friday Everyone! K and K

Like I said, he's too cute for his own good...