Typically when I run, I want the easy path. When I workout, I want to feel the least amount of pain. I want to listen to really good music, and be as comfortable as possible, while still getting some healthy, measurable results. And I am pretty sure this is how I feel about life: I would love an easy path. I want to be somewhat comfortable. I want to accomplish great things, but not feel too much pain. And I would love to know that everything is under control.

But this is not real life. At least it's not my real life. And I know, deep down, that this is for the better.

My journey right now, is a bit messy. I'm in the middle of a story that is going to be beautiful, but I would say that's hard to see, because I don't know the ending. Kenny and I have had a lot happen in the last two weeks, especially with the adoption. Every day, seems to be a different story, which for this girl, means a lot of different emotions, all the time. I have absolutely no control over what is going to happen in this story. And it seems kind of crazy at times. Some days are harder than others. But one thing I know:

I have to walk by faith.

I'll run the hills and the valleys and the things in between, and I will try to trust God. It's hard to do, but it's what we are supposed to do. At the end of the day it's His story, not mine. I really believe this.

So, here's to a good pair of running shoes and a lot of hope. And once again, feel free to join us. The run is always better and a bit easier with friends beside you.

Much Love, K and K