Fridays are for fun

I was waiting for an appointment yesterday and overheard some conversation that reminded me Christmas was three weeks away. Oh my goodness. Really? How did this happen? How is it already one week into December? Dear 2012, you have officially flown by...And this week flew by:

*Celebrated my sister's birthday last weekend. She is such a brave person and a hero to me in so many ways. She loves God and that just pours out of her and the way she cares for others. So blessed to call her a friend. Cheers to celebrating Marissa!

*In true celebration style, we drank Starbucks, ate chick-fil-a, went to Nordstrom Rack and feasted on cake . Cheers to Birthdays!

*Attended the Chico State Men's Basktball games, twice this week. We love it; takes us back to our college days, when Kenny played. I was a true groupie :)

*Managed to weather the storm last weekend without any power outages or flooding in our house. The only thing lost, was a few hours of sleep.

*Kenny taught at church on Sunday;  three services, and he's amazing. Pretty sure I get more nervous than him. Kenny is truly a leader -- and I am so thankful for him.

*Went to home depot for a curtain rod, came home with a mirror. How does this happen?

*Hung out with good friends this week. Had good conversations. Shared life together. This is the best.

*In an effort to fight off a cold, I am drinking way too much EmergenC.

*Ordered and received our Christmas cards. Now the hard part really begins; addressing them and getting them out. Here's to my goal of having this done in the next three days.

*As you may have already guessed, I am feeling a bit behind in my preparations for Christmas.

*Oh yes, and somehow, Netflix suckered us into watching Prison Break. Why oh why would we ever begin such a thing, and especially right now? Here's to a bad choice, but being too many many episodes in to stop watching.

And even though Christmas has snuck up on us, I am just so excited to celebrate with family and friends. What a beautiful season of hope.

Much Love friends! K and K

And just over a week ago, we managed to go Christmas tree hunting with the entire family.