Fridays are for Fun

In the last two weeks we have done a lot. More than we probably knew was on our plate. And so this poor little blog has been a bit neglected. But I am ok with that. Today, I thought I would write a quick Friday update. I am currently people watching as I wait in line for a mandatory drug test that I have to take. I'm pretending to be totally into this blog, but am getting a little distracted. The things you hear in waiting rooms :)

We took a big trip to Ikea this week. Lesson learned. Don't go to Ikea hungry. When you go into a store like that, you really need to bring a snack. Unless, of course, you like swedish meatballs :)

Came home with a few treasures -- so excited to start getting this home all cozy for the holidays!

And today, Starbucks is offering buy one holiday drink, get one free. I will definitely be partaking in this.

For those of you wondering, my bangs are still now grown out and I am starting to doubt whether this awkward hair stage will ever end.

And I have been working so hard to finish up a ton of editing before Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to have my whole family here. SO much to look forward to. Gosh, I am really blessed.

We are finishing up the 2012 wedding season tomorrow! I can't believe it. It has been a whirlwind with twenty four weddings in five months. We are SO thankful for all of the beautiful stories that we have gotten to capture. What a cool year!!

Have a great weekend friends!

And this is a photo captured yesterday. Love these two. They are beautiful people!