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Chico Engagement Photographer: Levi and Tanna

These two are such beautiful people -- and we love how genuinely happy they are, together. Thank you so much, Levi and Tanna, for letting us capture you this weekend. We are so excited to share more :)

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Day. We hope lots of you are enjoying some extra time off with your family. We definitely will be :)

K and K

Chico Wedding Photographer: Courage To Dance

Life is unexpected. Sometimes it may seem like chaos and all we can do is hold on tight. For Karen, her life changed drastically three weeks ago when she learned that her fiance would be getting deployed, and very soon. This also meant JP would be gone for their already planned September wedding. It created a lot of change, and quickly.

As I talked to Karen over the next couple weeks, everything shifted. Rather than fight with everything in her, to hold on to a dream, she had the courage to accept this new season. This new dream.

And for that, she danced.

She put on her wedding shoes this past Saturday, and in the smallest of celebrations, yet most meaningful days of her life, she walked down the aisle to JP. She was stunning. And there was determination in her eyes. She could do this.

I am thankful for Karen and the example that she is. There will be more from their wedding ceremony held at the White Ranch in the coming weeks. And of course, I can't wait for the big celebration in the future. Thank you Karen and JP for being you. For taking this season of life and making it beautiful. Much Love, K and K

And after that quiet moment, the dancing began...

Chico Maternity Photographer: Megan and Her Sweet Family

Dear Kyle and Megan and Blaine, You are incredible people: Talented and generous. Thank you for loving God and loving the people that come into your lives. We have definitely been blessed by you. And Blaine, well he is so cute and lucky to have you as parents :) Praying for you guys as you prepare to become a family of four!

Much Love Friends, K and K

PS: Kyle and Megan are the amazing designers who did a lot of the graphic design for our new brand this past fall. Let's just say, they are the best!

Megan, you are beautiful!

Kyle and Megan have a sweet love for one another...

We finished near the fields with some of these shots....

And this last one of Blaine and his Dad, I love it!

Like always, I want to show you more and more of their photos, but I must get back to my cleaning :) I have clients coming over too soon :)

Chico California Photographer: A First Look

The first look: I define this as a choice that couples make to see one another before the wedding ceremony. Do I love this choice? Yes! I love the first look because it is intimate. It is shared privately between the bride and groom, with the exception of a photographer. As they see one another for the first time on their wedding day, nothing is moving and time stands still. There is no program urging them on, no persons to distract them. It is simply a moment. And that moment is real and breathtaking and unforgettable.

That moment is also captured on film. And that is what I get the honor of doing -- and this is why I love a first look.

There are other reasons why I encourage my couples to see one another before the wedding (and of course, I totally respect couples when they choose to see one another for the first time at the ceremony). These logistical reasons I will share in a later post.

For now, this is truly a tease! But, you do not want to miss the rest of their photos, all to be shown early next week.

Cheers to Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend!