Chico Wedding Photographer: Courage To Dance

Life is unexpected. Sometimes it may seem like chaos and all we can do is hold on tight. For Karen, her life changed drastically three weeks ago when she learned that her fiance would be getting deployed, and very soon. This also meant JP would be gone for their already planned September wedding. It created a lot of change, and quickly.

As I talked to Karen over the next couple weeks, everything shifted. Rather than fight with everything in her, to hold on to a dream, she had the courage to accept this new season. This new dream.

And for that, she danced.

She put on her wedding shoes this past Saturday, and in the smallest of celebrations, yet most meaningful days of her life, she walked down the aisle to JP. She was stunning. And there was determination in her eyes. She could do this.

I am thankful for Karen and the example that she is. There will be more from their wedding ceremony held at the White Ranch in the coming weeks. And of course, I can't wait for the big celebration in the future. Thank you Karen and JP for being you. For taking this season of life and making it beautiful. Much Love, K and K

And after that quiet moment, the dancing began...