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Downtown Lake Oswego Portraits: Tim, Michelle and Baby S

We are always so honored when friends from college, ask us to work with them. These two are no different. Michelle and Tim are incredible people. They are both so kind and loving towards anyone and everyone. And I know they will be such good parents. We left their session, energized and thankful. God is using these two in such big ways down in Salem. Hearing more of their story and getting the chance to document this season of their life, was such a blessing to us.

And they love to laugh -- which is so much fun for us!

Thank you Tim and Michelle. We are so grateful for you both and can't wait to see photos of your little son, so soon.

Much Love, K and K

For each other's birthay this year, Tim and Michelle bought one another shoes for their little boy...

Michelle, you are a beautiful person.

Michelle had brought a few things that she wanted in the photos -- but most of those props we can't show you -- it would be a giveaway to their baby's name. I love that they are keeping it a secret :) So here are just a few more photos from our session. They are so fun!

Expecting: Emily

I had the opportunity to work with the stunning Emily tonight... She is so pretty and will be such an amazing Mom. The cool thing is, Emily is a photographer here in Chico as well. Love meeting other photographers and having the opportunity to be inspired by who she is and what she is doing for this industry. She is truly wonderful! So blessed to know you, Emily and Noah. Thank you for letting me capture this season of your lives... K

Emily, you are gorgeous...

And Noah, well, he is such a trooper to work with me and my craziness. These two will be such great parents!

Chico Maternity Photographer: Megan and Her Sweet Family

Dear Kyle and Megan and Blaine, You are incredible people: Talented and generous. Thank you for loving God and loving the people that come into your lives. We have definitely been blessed by you. And Blaine, well he is so cute and lucky to have you as parents :) Praying for you guys as you prepare to become a family of four!

Much Love Friends, K and K

PS: Kyle and Megan are the amazing designers who did a lot of the graphic design for our new brand this past fall. Let's just say, they are the best!

Megan, you are beautiful!

Kyle and Megan have a sweet love for one another...

We finished near the fields with some of these shots....

And this last one of Blaine and his Dad, I love it!

Like always, I want to show you more and more of their photos, but I must get back to my cleaning :) I have clients coming over too soon :)

Chico Maternity Photographer: Megan and Her Sweet Family

Ok -- You are going to love this family of three: soon to be four! We are so grateful for them -- They are genuine people who serve others endlessly! Here is just a tease from their session. Happy Monday Friends!

Megan and Kyle are super sweet to each other. A blessed marriage, for sure.

And their son, Blaine; he is too cute!

Chico Maternity Photographer: Rachael and Brandon Tease..

Life is beautiful and the miracle of pregnancy is quite amazing. Today, I got to capture sweet Rachael and Brandon. They are expecting their first little daughter in just about three weeks. Here is a tease from our late afternoon session. Thank you so much Brandon and Rachael! Much Love, K