Fridays are for Fun

I was confused for just a moment this morning when I could not figure out what day it was. I am pretty sure when you travel, your days get a little mixed up. Either way, it's Friday, and looking back we had some great adventures: *Flew to San Diego on Sunday morning.

*Like always, we were running late to the airport. I think Kenny and I must love stress, because there is nothing more stressful than thinking you might miss your flight as you drive through Yuba City, knowing the airport is still 40 minutes away.

*May have sprinted through the parking lot to catch the shuttle bus. May have seen a couple people laughing at us. Definitely felt like we were in a movie :)

*Sure enough, we made it. Arrived to our terminal with a good ten minutes to spare. We are so prompt :)

*Enjoyed a wedding and time with my family in San Diego. Realized, once again, that Kenny and I love to dance, despite our total lack of rhythm.

*Ate the biggest Cinnamon Roll of our life in San Diego. While I may have gone into a sugar comatose, it was totally worth it.

*Went to the San Diego Zoo. Pretty sure I hadn't been to a zoo for fifteen years. I loved it. My new favorite animal: the chimpanzee.

*Laughed a lot. So good for the soul, so good to be with family and so blessed by my awesome parents.

*On Tuesday, we drove to Irvine, to attend the Resurgence Conference. Came home encouraged, convicted and full of dreams.

*Mulling over so many great things taught at the conference. Among one of my favorite things said: "Influence is determined by the little things that you do each day: If you are not faithful in the small things, then you won't be given more."

*Came home to lots of laundry, no groceries and lots of work, but I wouldn't trade the last six days for anything.

*Still prepping for a move in less than three weeks. Although you wouldn't know it, as I have yet to pack one box :)

*And just now, my sister surprised me with a Starbucks. If that doesn't say Happy Friday, than I'm not sure what will. Thanks sister, You are the best!

Well that's it for this blog post. Happy Friday; the weekend is nearly here. We are gearing up for another wedding tomorrow and can't wait to celebrate with Kevin and Denise.

Have a great evening friends! K and K

Loved all the old boats sitting on the shore near Newport Beach... I can't wait to start downloading and look through all of our photos soon.