Our Wedding Photography Story

I shared this post almost two years ago, but wanted to repost this today for many of you as you sift through the many ideas and dreams that come with wedding planning: Back in 2004, when I was engaged and planning my wedding, I did not make photography a priority. I know, so crazy huh? If you know anything about me, I am super practical. I had a budget for our wedding and in my logical mind, photography had to fit in that budget, no matter what the cost: even if the cost meant giving up my dream of having amazing wedding photos that would last the rest of my life.

No one told me to think about this differently.

So, I hired a friend. Someone who loved photography, had a great camera and the best of intentions. This person was excited for the opportunity and I was excited about the price break. Can you even believe I said that? Yes, it was true. I wouldn't have to break the bank for wedding photos and that made me and my family happy.

But not forever.

While I am so thankful for the hard work that our photographer put into on our wedding day, he lacked some very important things. Important things that make a huge difference. Important skills that would have given me wedding photos I would hang on my wall for decades to come.

I made the wrong choice.

Looking back, I don't regret very much about the choices we made for our wedding day. I don't regret anything about the decor or the food or the drinks. I don't regret anything about the people or the time of year. Kenny and I got married -- we had our family and friends around us and we had an incredible wedding day. But I do regret this: I regret that we don't have amazing photos to help us remember the day. I regret that we don't have beautiful portraits to display around our home.

I wish someone would have told me.

So I encourage you to learn from our mistake. Don't simply dismiss a photographer because of price. Meet with that photographer. See if you truly appreciate their work, and be convinced that this vendor is worth investing in. I would have worked ten, twenty, fifty more shifts to earn my wedding photos. I would have compromised something else to pay for amazing and lifelong wedding photos.

I really wish I would have invested in a good photographer.

That's our story. I hope it is helpful and thought provoking for you. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Wednesday friends! K and K

And as for photos -- we took this on Sunday evening in San Diego, where we attended a wedding :) That's right, we were guests and we had a blast!!