Fridays are for Fun

Well I can hardly believe I am writing another Fridays are For Fun blog post. It has been such a quick week: *Currently writing this post on Thursday evening, simply because my to-do list is that long :)

*Rode my bike for the first time this summer: I know, that may seem crazy, but if you saw my "hot-pink" bike from my teenage years, you will know why I only ride it once a year, and only at dusk. It might be time to get a new bike...

*Babysat little Carsten while my sister went to the dentist. She came home "cavity-free" and so we celebrated with a trip to Starbucks :)

*Watched The Hunger Games with Kenny last night. The plot of the book still kind of disturbs me, but I would have to say, I hardly blinked watching the movie. It was that good.

*Ate some popcorn with marshmallows while watching the movie. Yes. I did just say that and I did eat both of those things, together, at the same time.

*In denial that summer is over. I grew up in the Northwest, where Labor day weekend marked the final days of summer break. California, you may have gotten this one wrong...

*And as summer comes to a close, we both feel very grateful for all the opportunities and ways we have grown during this season.

*Like always, we are dreaming of the day that we will get back to the beach, Cannon Beach.

*Speaking of Cannon Beach, here is a fun set of photos taken right there. And yes, Kenny is definitely way nicer than me, as seen below. And yes, we still love each other a ton!

Oh dear, have a great weekend, friends! We are so excited to photograph Mitch and Amanda's wedding this weekend. Kenny will also be teaching at church on Sunday -- you are all invited :) We'd love to see you there!