Chico Wedding Photographers: Ashley

Ashley, you are beautiful. And when you arrived for your bridal session, before the day of your wedding, I knew that a lot was whirling through your mind. In just two weeks, you would marry Anders. Your life would be forever changed. And while your life changed on Saturday, you didn't.

You will always know the love of Christ, which has made you even more beautiful. You will always be generous; with your time, your money and your life. Your laugh will always be contagious. Your loyalty will never change. You will always make a difference in this world, whether you know it or not. Your compassion will always be a part of who you are. You will keep wearing you heart on your sleeve, And smile, even when it is hard. You will keep serving people well, and making anyone you know, feel like a friend.

And, you will always be loved.

So grateful to get a chance to photograph you before your wedding day and then again last Saturday as you married Anders. It was an amazing day.

Thank you so much Ashley! Much Love, K

Is she stunning, or what?

Such a fun session!