Chico Wedding Photographer: Fridays are for Fun

This week held lots of adventures for us... *We exchanged the Chico heat for some awesome Oregon coast weather. Time at the beach with family = best days ever!

*Indulged in the best white mochas at Insomnia Coffee in Cannon Beach. We used to visit this local place all the time in Hillsboro, so we were so lucky to find they had opened a franchise in Cannon Beach.

*Beat my family in cards... Ok maybe I only won one game, but that's enough to claim victory.

*Had our photos taken at the beach by our sweet friends Bethany and Josh! Can't wait to see the results, although I discovered I might be a bit awkward in front of the camera. I guess I won't quit my day job for a career in modeling :)

*Stayed up way too late around the bonfire with Josh and Bethany. There is NOTHING like good friends. We love them too much!

*Breathed deep. The ocean air just slows down life and we had the opportunity to take a deep breath. So thankful!

*Enjoyed wearing this rain jacket. Gosh I miss you Oregon... although your constant rain will not be missed as much. Don't worry Chico, I am coming home soon :)

Have a great weekend friends! We'd love to hear about your summer adventures too!