Chico Wedding Photographer: 58 Years

This past weekend, we attended a family reunion, with 28 of us. And it all started with these two.

We are so blessed to be a part of Grandpa and Grandma's family. They are legacy makers. Together, they have made such a big difference in this world.

58 years Married Five kids Eight Spouses Nine grandchildren One Fiance Three Great-Grandchildren. One incredible story.

Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, for how much you have changed the world. Thank you for loving us all unconditionally. Thank you for the thousands of sacrifices you have made for all of us. Thank you for being so generous. Thank you for years of memories. Thank you for being so funny. Thank you for showing us what matters most in life. Thank you for loving us through the good and the challenges. Most of all, thank you for loving each other well. Because of you, we are family.

Much Love and Gratitude from the 26 of us!